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  1. hey im new to this forum but been a mustang owner for a while, my current mustang is an 02 coupe. as of now i have a 12" sub sealed in my trunk. after christmas i want to go to 2 12" subs ported. it was hard enough 2 put in this small box, so i dont know how to put in two 12"s. i was thinking of trying from the inside but the from the trunk floor to the little metal hinge(connected 2 the firewall) that has the seat belt clips on it, is like 11.5", just a tiny bit to small. 1) is there any way to take that 2 inch surrounding piece of metal off, then put it back on? 2? is there any way to completely strip that wall and rear deck to get a huge box in ther. i mean i am lookin at a 4 cu ft box, so these r my options. if anyone has some good install pics or detail instructions or even some suggestions it will be much appreciated. thanks.
  2. assemble it inside the trunk...
  3. Good luck! :D

    I had a **** of a time getting my 2 12" L7 sub box in the trunk and that is about 2.2 cu ft.
  4. Also, If you don't have the mach 460 tray in there, it makes it easier. You didn't mention a Mach system so you may be fine.
  5. what speakers are you using that need 4 cu ft????
  6. car audio is my true love, i know a lil about cars, but have a really deep knowledge of car audio. and no thanks on kicker, im gettin some real subs. i was gonna go with a pair of subs requiring 9 cu ft, but obviously i dont have room. i would tell u the brand name, but u have never heard of them. u cant find these subs at bestbuy.
  7. 4cu feet :eek:

    no even that olden days JL or was it phoenix gold? that torando thing im sure isk will know what im talking about i think it was one 12 or 15 it needed 3cu feet but it did not look like a normal sub.

    well i built this box for my car
    3 10's a total of 2.4 cu feet.

    it fit in there so damn tight i had to register as a sex offender in IL

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  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: That box is sexy :drool:

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  9. Without the mach 460 enclosure you should be able to fit your subs if you build 2 seperate boxes AND remove the back seat. The frame of the seat is just big enough to make it near impossible to fit a decent size box into the trunk.Once you've got them in,bolt the seat back in. Seems to be the only option.
  10. A huge box that needs the seats removed is also a theft deterent.:D Can't steal what you can't move. Unless they take the time to unscrew each sub and amp. But then you can use nonstandard screw types.
  11. before you go thinking your a know it all god and put the rest of us down,you might wanna check yourself:ZipIt:
  12. i never said i was a know it all, i am far from it. but i have asked a simple question on this forum and i have ppl recommending subs, and sizes. and questioning my box size. sorry u cant get these subs at circuit city, and they arent some sweet kickers. these subs r the real deal, and if u dont believe me, ask me the name of them, and ask about them on car audio forums. all i want to know is can i remove the metal piece connected 2 my trunk firewall, the one that has the seat clips on it. i am no car god, but im not looking for advice on my subs, im asking a simple question. can anyone answer this?
  13. I think I did ask you name of them and you still havent said it like we wouldnt know.Just so you know I dont buy from Best Buy,I either buy direct or from distributors,and for those that do buy frm Best Buy so what???And what makes them these woofers the "real deal".Some of us have backgrounds in the audio industry,so before you think everybody here is a country bumpkin that buys Jensen from their local Walmart,you might wanna rephrase your statements,if the car audio forums know so much,why didnt they give you a answer?
  14. :owned:

    Dont mess w/ the best or you'll end up like the rest
  15. ok if u must know, they are Resonant Engineering XXX's, but not many ppl have heard of them, or heard them in person. check out their website, they make some of the best subs in the business, u can take a look at all major Spl comps., click products then look at their fine line. if u require more info, ask ppl on car audio forums such as, how good these subs r. im sure u will hear nothing but praise. but i didnt come 2 this site 2 argue, i asked 1 question and no1 can answer it. ill have 2 try some other forums.
  16. I HAVE heard of RE and have a appt at CES to see about being a dealer.I wouldnt say theu are the BEST,but they are good quality. Also i wouldnt consider a actual "audio forum",its more of a place where kids put up their pics of what they did,there are plenty of other real audio forums that have members that are actually in the business.I personally think the new speakers that are making a big wave are the Powerbass line,i have seem their line way before it was in production as well as their amps and they recently won a lot of awards at the last DB drag competition

    I have used Treo,ID,Ample custom quad coil 15" with great results for SPL systems
  17. I have a JL 12 in 1.0 cuft and my amp is set at only 1/2 power and I am getting plenty of bass. Granted I am running a RF 800.2 bridged to a 8ohm load JL W6 that is rated 400 max!

    I have even rattled parts loose on my rear deck. Not to mention that my whole trunk is covered with Dynomat extreme.

    A larger box air volume does not mean you'll get more SPL.

    I have yet to have my car SPL tested so I can't quote on numbers.

    BTW, I have heard of RE too, was thinking of getting one, but JL's are still top end and I got a 3 year full warranty even if I fry it. This has my old RF HX2 in it...which I blew a few months ago..then I went to my JL and it made a 200% improvement.

  18. ok im glad u have heard of them, then u should know not many ppl do no of them. and i along with many others would consider the XXXs top 5, if not #1 in SQL. and i am not aiming for SPL, i want a SQ machine that gets loud. pbx is a good company too, along with treo. but still my question has be unanswered. im giving up on this forum. btw to the JL fanboy, im proud of ur JL system, but u overpaid. JL makes some good products and the all mighty w7, but everything they sell is way way way too expensive. please do not reply to this post unless u have the info on my intial question. thanks.
  19. Who the f*** do you think you are???You dont tell people not to post because YOU dont know how to figure out your own sh**.You think people havent done it before??? Maybe they dont wanna answer you becuase you come off like a ass?????Tell you what,bring your RE equipped whatever over here and i'll get one of the ones i have built,and we'll see your SQ that gets loud and see what it does.If not just go to your other forums since they know so muchcrapola