fittin in some new subs

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by cvance383, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. I'm still posting..:stick: You can't stop me..:stick:
  2. cvance38, i would suggest that maybe u should rephrase the way u ask a question. People on this forum do know their stuff, i.e iskwezm, and have been very helpful when i or anyone else have asked a question. respect goes a long way.

    have u listened to any other subs besides the xxx. i had two in my previous car and was happy with them buti wouldnt consider them the best. I agree that jl is expensive but it is top notch quality. If space is a problem why not go with another sub type or model or application?
  3. im sorry for tellin no1 to post, but i have just felt attacked from the get-go, and felt no1 has even made an attempt to answer my question. from the first post on, ppl just tell me what i should get, or questioning if 4 cuft is right. i would really appreciate it if someone would be so kind as to help me find a way to remove that metal piece i described in my intial post. i dont want to change subs, or redesign my system, unless there is no other answer. im sorry to the veterans i disrespected above, and i would be very grateful if someone would help me. i honestly believe there r tons of vets(when it comes 2 mustangs) and that is the reason i tried this forum. anyways like i said above im sorry for pulling that bullcrap above, if some1 wouldnt mind helpin out a mustang noob.
  4. ok, back to your question I think i know the piece your talking about removing,i dint think it would be easy welding it back and not warping it all to hell,or look good if you put it back.I dont know what your skills are,but if you cut it off,reinforce the leading edge by doubling it with a plate,its gonna be flimsy.I myself would cut it and not give a second thought,but i dont want to reduce the structural integrity back there on your car.If you could get a pic of the area

    You could cut out the rear deck and replace it with a 1/2 MDF panel,that might give a inch on top and you could mount the amps under the glass
  5. or you could just assemble it inside the trunk...
    easier with some designs than others--but i've done it before...much easier with air tools--