Fitting A 67 Shelby Nose Section.

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  1. I moved this junker 67 up front .I figure if the fiberglass fits on it, it will fit my junker even better :rlaugh:
    I took the fenders back off my convert and sat them on the coupe .The back of the fender up to the door, and the cowl and the rocker should be aligned and bolted down. leave all other bolts loose so the fender can be moved around in the front _MG_4411.JPG
    I find it best to leave the two bolts in the front fender behind the headlights out completely ,you can put them in after .I put the front bolt in the fender but leave it loose _MG_4412.JPG
    I have noticed on other forums guys are leaving the front fenders bolted solid ,this will not work for one reason.The nose section is one solid piece . There needs to be some where to adjust, so it has to be done at the fenders . Don't try to fit both sides at one time ,almost impossible with out help .Start at one side and get the studs in the holes and get the nuts on at least the lower studs ,you can slip the studs in the hole on the other side next but don't worry about it until the first side is bolted down solid .If the fenders were left bolted solid this is probably what you will see _MG_4413.JPG
    With the fenders loose so you can get all the studs in the proper holes this is what it should look like just setting in place . _MG_4414.JPG
    I bolted down the driver side first ,That stud in the top point is a SOB no matter how you try to start it ..I took a piece of masking tape and wedged the nut into my socket so i could get it to start without dropping it ,over and over and over :dammit: _MG_4418.JPG
    The driver side bolted up great ,could use a bit of sanding to pull up tighter to the fender but i will be using new fenders ,and i will probably have to sand to fit them so i will wait for the new fenders. _MG_4420.JPG
    The passenger side fit even better than the driver ,could use a bit of sanding to pull up tight as well but not bad like it is. And i need to slot ,very slightly, the lower middle bolt hole so the side can come out just a bit .
    _MG_4421.JPG _MG_4422.JPG
    I measured the opening between the top of the headlight buckets for the hood and it measured 45 inches
    i measured the hood at the front and it measured 44 3/4 inches ,that is an 1/8 inch gap on each side ,right where i want it . Now all the bolts in the fender can be tightened and the four in the front behind the headlight buckets can be bolted in . _MG_4423.JPG
    one more thing , the doors should be fit to the very best because everything will align off of them .If they are off then everything after will be off, making it hard to get the very best fitting .
    Sorry about the fuzzy pics ,my camera just wasn't worth what i paid for it:doh:
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