Fitting CAI to 90mm Throttle Body?

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by aesmith3, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. I already have an Airaid CAI mated to a Boss Intake. I am about to install a Ford Racing 90mm throttle body. Wondering how I will be able to couple the CAI tube to the larger throttle body. Are larger couplers readily available?

    Has anyone created their own couplers from readily accessible materials?

    Any hints on a cost effective approach are much appreciated.
  2. From Ford Racing...
    • For information on where to purchase silicone hose adapter contact the Ford Racing Tech Line - 800-367-3788
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Trying to plan ahead before the throttle body gets here, and I get too excited to let it sit in its box.
  5. had exactly the size I need for under $20. 4.25"-4.0"
  6. Why would you change the Tb? What mods do you have?
  7. Relevant mods right now are just the Boss intake and Airaid CAI with custom tune. A Paxton tuner kit with ID1000's, BAP, and other goodies are on the way. I'll probably go ahead and install the tb but wait a month or so until it gets warmer to spend the time in the garage to install the Paxton.
  8. Ahh k,even with stuff in my signature ppl are saying not to change the Tb on mine.
  9. With the Paxton, can't see why the TB would not be helpful