Five days of pounding Cobrask8 at two racetracks

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  1. Starting next Friday, I will run the car harder than I have ever before -

    Three days at SAAC 33 in Millville NJ, then two days at Watkins Glen.

    Both are natural terrain road race tracks, so the car will be run! Can't wait! Wooo Hooo!:nice:

  2. Drive it like you stole it!!!

    No crashes allowed though..:D
  3. now dan, as long as you dont wreck thins one..... :D :rlaugh:
  4. better upgrade your insurance for track duty......:D
  5. I called both tracks to give them advanced warning. They promised to wrap the guardrails with bubble wrap!:nice:
  6. Back!

    I will post pics shortly, but nothing but fun!!!

    Car is freakin' awesome, almost 140MPH at the Glen!!! Cornered like a monster, deep braking, what a car!!!!

    Even Turn 9 was good this year!!
  7. Glad to hear the bubble wrap helped!:nice:
  8. Not a scratch!:rlaugh:
  9. I'm sure the track operators are very happy they don't have to repair their guardrails...............again!:rlaugh:
  10. It did happen!

    Here are a few pics, more coming soon!



  11. So who was that driving Cobrask8?:scratch:
  12. Cole Trickle....:rlaugh:
  13. A-HA! I KNEW it had to be a ringer!:rlaugh:
  14. I thought you were gonna say it was Carl Edwards; while you were back in the tire stacks, "gettin' busy" with his Mom!

    And I was gonna have to call you on that.

    Or at least ask for a bottle of whatever you were drinking.

  15. No StDr, you are right, they were busy.......mounting and balancing spares!:rlaugh:
  16. Looks like fun!
  17. What...? Watching someone else drive his car?:scratch:
  18. I promised Carl's Mom I would not tell anyone about it!
  19. I guess that means I'm not allowed to sell the video?:shrug:
  20. What's my percentage?:shrug: