Five days of pounding Cobrask8 at two racetracks

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  1. Don't get excited Dan, it's obvious she needs a stronger Rx for her eye glasses!:rolleyes:

    Either that, or her vision was clouded by the tears from her laughing so hard!:D
  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. I'd have to say the blame lies equally between Dan's hat and and her glasses. With her impaired vision,... she thought he was Jack Roush. :rolleyes:
  3. I'll live, but I don't know if StDr's computer keyboard will if he keeps spewing alcoholic beverages on it every time he sees these types off things posted here....:rlaugh:
  4. Naaahhhhh....... it's all good.

    Nothing posted here so far has really "gotten" me yet. Must be I'm jaded?
  5. Must be you've been over stimulated by the Closet Crew / Gutter Gang antics.
    BTW.....I think the "Flaming Cocks" should use that clip of Dan for their music video...just keep looping it!:rlaugh:
  6. I'm waiting for the "Guns 'n' Roses Reunion Tour" cover and video of that song. I dare them!

  7. :lol:
    His starring role in the music video was better!:nonono:
  8. True, true..... the music video was a much more "spec-TACular event!" :rlaugh:
  9. Wait, let me get my leisure suit.......