Fix your Slow dropping/hanging RPMs

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  1. I just did this procedure on my '98 GT. It's an automatic and it didn't affect the shifting at all. I used the copper plug method and went with a hole a little larger that 9/32. I notice a definite improvement but I think I will try a little smaller hole at some point. The car is so much nicer to drive it's unbelievable. The car slows down just enough when you take your foot off the gas. I am not on the brakes nearly as much. Thanks to the guy who figured this out.
  2. Wow... this thread took off in the past couple days.

    MustangEd.... I can send you another that'll make the difference even greater if you want it. I'm all for customer satisfaction bro... Check the hole with a drill bit to make sure it's 9/32"... if bigger... I'll send you a new one. Sorry about the broken bolt.

    As for automatic xsmn mustangs... I dunno, but your welcome to try it.

    Gotta go back finish installing/wiring my NX wet kit.

    $7.50 shipped even to our Canadian brothers....
  3. Made a new batch of these and can't beat it for $7.50 shipped.
  4. Do these work with aftermarket plenums? I have an accufab and I was looking at the attached pic and it seems there is only one hole in the IAC...correct me if I'm wrong.

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  5. Yes, just like my Bullitt has only one hole for the IAC.

    Yes it will work fine. :flag:

  6. Cool! Thanks!!!
  7. i cant wait to get mine, to bad my car just broke. im curious about how you made mine for the bullitt, i keep seeing something about different sized holes, i know you had a bullitt so i assumed you knew what i was looking for, can you tell me how you set it up in terms of small/large or quickest to slowest dropping rpm's?
  8. Heck, I just gave him 10 bucks ! If it does anything like those running it said, it's worth every penny !!! Can't wait to get it :banana:
  9. if you dont wanna wait for it to be shipped and pay the $7.50...i just used a soda can...just use the gasket as a template, took me about 10 mins and works great!

  10. :doh:
  11. Does the small hole go on the left or right? I'm hearing both and I'm not feeling a difference with either
  12. i use smaller holes go over IAC holes.
  13. sent my 7.50... I have enough projects to work on without taking time to make one of these bastards.
  14. soda can is exactly what i was thinking when i first seen this.
    ima doin it to mine too. its a auto. ill let ya'll know.
  15. any one here using this plate have a custom dyno tune done? I'm wondering if this will affect any type of air/fuel settings done to my chip (LaRocca's tuned). I'd really like to do this mod, I've hated the RPM hang up for years. Also: I used to have an auto, now a TKO with a spec aluminum flywheel and it still does the hang up, if not worse than before. friend had a 97 cobra, didn't hang up at all? Problem with 98 and up? Or just a GT problem? Thanks
  16. lil help?
  17. I do have a custom superchips tune for my car...I installed the plate about a couple of weeks ago and the only thing I have noticed, that my car never did before, is when I start the car cold and turn the air on, it stalls until I get the car going...not sure if that is related to the plate or not but I think it I don't really notice a huge difference from the plate IMO.
  18. I have a custom Diablo Predator tune and have noticed a momentary drop in idle to around 400-500 rpm when stopping, especially when the A/C is on, since downloading the tune. I am going to take the IAC plate I have installed out this weekend and see if it makes any difference. Will report back here what happens.
  19. Made one out of gaskit material and worked great.And i made one for my buddys auto he liked it alot.Its not as noticable for the auto but its their.