Fix your Slow dropping/hanging RPMs

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by magnum347, May 1, 2005.

  1. Anyone?
  2. It's only a $10 - $15 part. Buy one, if it doesn't work (very unlikely) it's not a bank breaker.
  3. I was more curious than anything. Was wondering how quick the drop is, especially for frequent shifting cars, such as those with 4.10s.
  4. Just to let you know, it doesn't make the RPM's FLY down at light speed. If you are speed-shifting, I doubt you will even notice a drop.
    Buuut, when you are driving around like normal, the RPM's will drop quickly enough so that when you let the clutch out for the next gear, there usually isn't any drop or rise of RPM's.

    For heavens sake, it takes a grand total of MAYBE 30 minutes to an hour to make one of these.

    Does everyone that hims and haws about this mod, spend as much time looking at instuctions online to open their microwave?

    I'm really not being insulting, I just think you could spend your time better by just making one and checking it out. If it doesn't work, you wasted an hour, vise 2 hours+ trying to find a vid or asking everyone and their dog their opinion.

    Good luck!
  5. If you want one sent to you.... Cuz you don't have a way to make one... email below

    [email protected]

  6. Hey magnum347, i interested in buying one. Is that the same thing you have selling on Ebay?
  7. nevermind, just saw a few posts back with the link, just "bought it now".....yeah :banana: :banana: :banana:
  8. yes... I have plenty made for everyone and cheap.

    If you don't like it or you think it doesn't work for you there's always the money back guarantee...

    It's just a couple bucks and it works ... Pretty cool mod....
  9. Since you're saying this worked for your Mach, I'm assuming it will work on my 99 Cobra right?

    Nevermind, stupid question....
  10. For you guys with hand held tuners, I'm not sure if you have access to it or not, but there are 3 parameters in the EEC that start with dashpot. Changing the dash_pot_delay will change the amount of time it takes the rpms to drop, without restricting the flow of the IAC valve.
  11. email sent!!! gimme
  12. got one off of E-bay. Do I use it with the IAC gasket? Small hole goes to driver's side?
  13. The hand held tuners don't access those parameters.
  14. i bought one frm him, and i love it :nice: . when you drive normal. u will see it. but when racing or power shifting you wont even think about it.

    it also gave me a slight rumble/back pop to my exhuast in the 1900-2400 RPM range. i love it, for a split sec it sounds like i might not have cats. although i would really really love to run w/o cats. i really dont want to run the risk since im here in CA, and now SAC PD got some $$$ to "spot" racers/ricers what ever. i'll pulled over before i know it.....

    ohh my bad that was :OT:

    yeah its like what 8-9 bucks if that? you will like it, if not im sure he will give you your $$ back. and it only takes like 30 seconds to put it on....

    and i dont think my predator has the ability to access that part of the ECC :shrug:
  15. well i sent him an email about buying one but haven't heard back yet....i'm gettin ancy...i want it
  16. I read this thread (at work, right before closing) because I hate my hanging idle ('97 Cobra) with my a/c on. I went out & looked at my engine for a bit, thinking about how to try restricting airflow to the IAC easily to play aorund with it.

    The IAC air line on my car is hard plastic with 3/4" flexible rubber connectors at each end. I took a section of 5/8" hose & put it in the straight connector at the air inlet (the connector at the IAC is a tight 180°). Viola, instant restriction (& easily removed if the car refused to idle on the way home). I also put a hose clamp on the connector & tightened it down just enough to grip the hose inside.

    I think it made a difference (I have a tendency to psyche myself out at first about any change to the car I make), but I'll reserve judgment until I've driven it again.

    I can also increase the restriction with the hose clamp, so it's adjustable (to an extent).

    It took me a few to get my head around restricting IAC airflow; I'm used to increasing it for poor idle quality on modified 5.0's!
  17. Mailed USPS all plates for those of you who ordered. Also found on Ebay.

    Take care and drive safe..
  18. Instruction sheet comes with the plate.
  19. Put about 30 miles on it yesterday; I tightened the clamp down for a bit more restriction. It's made the car much more pleasant to drive w/the a/c on, & God knows, I need the a/c on a lot here! :eek:
  20. plate came yesterday....WOW!!! and i have an auto (w/shift kit). all i have to say is pop pop poppoppop pop pop.....yesss very nice and it really does feel like the car woke up a little bit.
    thanks alot for making these

    PS takes about 3 minutes to install