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  1. New here, but not to mustangs. I grew up with my dads gt350's and whatever else he built over the years. I honestly can't remember all of them. I had a 92 notch LX 5.0 Arizona State Police car about 10 years ago, bought it for a song and sold it after a few weeks for more than triple what I paid. Had fun while it lasted though.

    Currently I race two cars, 1988 nissan 300zx shiro edition #981 of 1002... 405whp and 607wtq, before I broke the stock ringlands on two pistons. Also another 1988 nissan 300zx, with a skyline powertrain swap. (RB25DET).

    the shiro,
    and the skyline swap car

    I figured I could learn a thing or two, so I will most likely sit back and read.

    But my main intention was to sell some of the decals I had made to some more 80's car enthusiasts. These ones... PM me for more info, as this is not an ad, But they are for sale. Feedback, I am a moderator on a few different Z31 websites, mainly z31performance.com... a quick google search will net positive things about me.


    I have about 50 left of these right now.
    MODS, If this is deemed inappropriate feel free to edit or change this.
  2. :welcome: that white ones a nice looking z.
  3. IBTL! :lock:

    I like ham. :)
  4. Thanks lava! And I love Bacon.
  5. How much HP per sticker?
  6. LOL, at least eleventy billion... Per lug nut.