Flat black paint

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by speed545, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I was thinking about having my hood paint in flat black . the car is silver and i d like to have the same effect as the Mach 1 from classic design concept. ( part of the hood only painted in black ).
    Question is, should i expect trouble using flat black paint when i ll wash or wax the car?? And what about clear coat??

    Thx guys
  2. Well, Flat black would look nice if painted right. You shouldn't have trouble washing your car, waxing though is a different story, It would be like putting wax on plastic parts (never comes out easy, unless you have the right cleaners of corse). And for clear coat? What would be the point in flat black then, Clear coat is what makes it shiny. It would look like you got a hood of any black Mustang.
  3. You might consider using a vinyl overlay instead of paint. It's easier to remove if you end up not liking it and will probably be cheaper and easier.
  4. doesn't it also help protect the paint???
  5. Yes it would potect the paint, but just applying the clear coat will give it a shine, and thats not what you want with flat paint.
  6. I though about that too but i was wondering if it would do a nice job with the hood scoop?
  7. You can have the hood shot with flat black and cleared. The paint manufacturers make a "Flattening paste" that can be added to the clear. Considering all of the work required to make this right, go with vinyl.