Flat Rock Assembly Visit...Home of the New Mustang!

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  1. I wanted to share my experience with you all. I work in the auto parts supply industry as an electrical engineer. My company makes parts that go on the Mustang.

    I had a chance to visit the Flat Rock Auto Alliance factory yesterday. They'll still producing the Mazda 6 there, but production of the 2005 Mustang will start in the Fall.

    Anyway, they've run small batches of the new Stang already. Several more are planned during the summer for a total of about 500 cars. I had the chance to really poke around under the hood, in the interior and in the trunk. I also had a chance to look at some cars that were torn down after evaluation.

    The car is sweet. I'm sold. There are some very interesting colors coming out. There will be upgrades to the Mach sound system too.

    Other things I noticed (some of which may already be known):
    The car will have electronic throttle control.
    The 4.6 has HUGE fuel rails (a noticable difference from my 92...I don't know what the current car looks like)
    The 4.6 will have an exposed polymer intake. Should save weight.
    The battery is positioned near the firewall on the passenger side. Should help with weight distribution and aftermarket supercharger installs.
    The drivetrain hump intrudes on the interior a lot more than my 92. I think this means a lower center of gravity....maybe not. I could see the clear difference in a car with the interior removed.
    The ECM is located in the engine compartment with easy access (I don't know where it is located in the current car..maybe the same place?).

    Anyway, I gotta run. Maybe I'll come back with more info later. It's gonna be a great car!!