flat/semi-gloss black mustang pictures

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  1. Let's see some flat black or semi-gloss black fox mustang pictures. My 88 2.3 is looking pretty sad these days... with a green fender, blue body and lots of paint flaking off. I'd be happy if it's just all one color. I think my answer will be to paint it a semi-gloss black, as it won't take a huge amount of prep or finish work and it will be CHEAP. Maybe the John Deere Blitz Black (anyone have pictures of this specific color?). I just want to see how flat/semi gloss black looks on a mustang first.

    My 88 has 05+ GT wheels (the old school 10spoke ones), a quiet single 2.5" exhaust and enough power to push me to [email protected] in the quarter. A flat or semigloss black shouldn't turn a lot of heads or show what's truely underneath. :D

    I have to say, this corvette looks nasty:
  2. Rustoleum ftw.
  3. I'm willing to bet that Vette is actually satin black instead of flat or semi-gloss.
  4. Not liking the vette.

    Paint a Honda accord the same color and we'll call it ugly.
  5. The Satin Black looks pretty god..even on a Vette.:D:D
  6. Eeek, for a purpose built car that you dont care about looks it's a good idea. But for a car you plan to cruise and want to turn heads, I think something about flat or not shiny paint just looks cheap.

    There are a few guys here that have satin or flat colored cars. I assume most are just that way before paint, but they dont look horrible.
  7. Satin black looks awesome if my car needed paint real bad it would be satin no question. When I finally do the mach 1 that car will be satin black, for good.
  8. that vette looks absolutely nasty. without a doubt.
  9. mean ,that vettes stance is awesome
  10. I don't much care about turning heads. I just want something that is a single color so I don't have to be embarrassed for the paint falling off and 3 different colors of body panels. If I want to turn heads, I'll open the exhaust cut out. :D

    The rustoleum is a bit shiney for my taste. I've looked for pictures of this blitz black, but i haven't seen a mustang in that color yet. It's pretty much identical to that corvetter. So anyone have a picture of a fox body in this 'satin' black?

  11. Satin black looks nasty. I love it.
  12. I'm the same way. Something about the vette and stang that i loveeee. It looks like stealth or something, i don't know its just badass!!
  13. I'll all about the satin black. Gloss is for girly boys.
  14. I'll take my gloss over satin anyday :D...

    But then again my car isn't fast or stealthy.
  15. I saw this Viper at the Chicago Auto Show a couple years back:


    The mix of satin and gloss was awesome. I think if you're going to do an entire car satin, the body has to be perfectly straight and the car already has to be damn good looking or the final product will probably come out as backyard-hillbilly.
  16. Looks nasty all right. And I don't mean great.
  17. I don't care what anyone personal opinion of flat/satin black cars is. That is irrelavant and has no place in here. I am considering it because it is cheap and easy. Even if you hate flat black with a passion, you have to admit it will be better than 3 different colored body panels, most with paint flaking off.

    There are some excellent pictures of satin black cars, but not many mustangs yet. The rustoleum looks a bit glossy for my taste, and the 99-04 posted earlier just doesn't look good in my opinion....

    So anymore mustang pictures?
  18. I'm having a Cervini heat extractor hood painted "hot rod black"; that's the same as (or close to) the Corvette. The hood will be primed then sprayed with the hot rod black. I was looking for PPG DP90 which is the black primer but hod rod black gives the same look.
  19. That mercades looks sooooooooo nice.. better then any gloss black paint!!! If the car is stealth you can't beat the sick look of satin black just something about it screams bad ass!