flat/semi-gloss black mustang pictures

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  1. from what i hear, to do it "right" you spray gloss black first, sand and scuff that and shoot a satin clearcoat over the top.. it will be in the 300.00 range to DIY but the results will last as long as a new car paintjob would. The problem with basic satin or flat paint is the paint itself, it shows imperfections like none other and you will have to wash it with degreaser to get dirty fingerprints off.. I think it looks good though and if you do a search for satin black and/or a member named nonglossjason, he had a satin black LX.. I almost painted my car that color temporarily but went the full shebang with gloss instead
  2. I don't have the link (not on my computer at the moment) but there's a few companies making flat paints now (not just primer) as well as satin and flat clear coats.
  3. ya, i was just looking at a color called "hot rod black" this morning for my ranger. its a normal automotive paint but its flat.
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  5. Here is my friend's flat black 88 Coupe.

  6. if its done right it looks sick.you cant just do the spray bomb job though.first off you'll never get it to stay like most of the cars pictured and the other thing is spray bomb isnt any sort of protectant,it will just seep into the paint and eventually rust the car out.the base clear way is the right way to go when doing it.
  7. bigharrymonkey front and center.
  8. Plastikote hot rod black!! I used it to paint my cobra engine. My favorite spray paint color.
  9. flat

    i did mine with 6 rattle cans.. came out better then i thought it would and it was less then $30 bucks to do it. works for me

  10. Black Satin is very kewl!! Only 2 cars can pull off looking awesome in "flat black" IMO, a 55 Chevy and 39-40 & 41 Willy's! :nice:
  11. That's awsome, exactly what I was looking for! What kind of paint did you use and how is it holding up?

  12. i used rustoleum straight from home depot.. its holding up good and i am in florida were the sun is a killer. if you do it make sure you paint inside because if you try and do it outside it will look like ASS..
    oh its flat black that i used
  13. Any of it can be pulled off, just has to be done right.
  14. Can we see pictures of it in the sun? How hard is it to keep the car clean? Did you sand the body? Primer?

    I WANT DETAILS!!!1!! :nice:
  15. A few things you need to know about using primer and not an actual flat paint (and this may even apply to flat paint too, i don't know for sure as i haven't used it yet), but every time a bird craps on it, you're gonna get an oily spot. Every time you work on the car and touch the paint, you get an oily spot. If you take it to the car wash and spray it with the power sprayer, you get streaks through the primer that look really weird.

    The cars you see above (the Mercedes, the Vette etc) have an actual flat paint (and probably just as expensive if not more so than regular gloss paint) and don't have these problems. Most of the old hotrods you see with flat black paint are either freshly painted, never see the light of day and are garage kept or they're flat black paint and not primer.

    In short, it's a cool look for temporary but it does wear out after a while and start looking like crap (the primer that is).
  16. hot rod magazine has a whole thing on it in this months issue, i think its the issue with the gold goat on it. i read through it and DEF has some need to know tips for you flat paint guys
  17. paint

    ok here you go i did sand the body with 220 and wiped it down with mineral spirts. No primer just flat black rustoleum. its holding up realy good! my girlfriend thought it would be kool to wright on the car with chalk and it dident do anything to the paint washed right off.keeping the car clean is a pice of cake just wash an let it air dry lol not hard at all. i am happy with the way it come out..