Progress Thread Flghtmstr1's 700 Rwhp Build

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  1. It seems like there are quite a few 2v guys doing builds right now, and they all have progress threads, so I figured I should add mine to the mix.

    I am building a daily-drivable street car that will hopefully run 10s. I just bought an MMR 1000S stroker shortblock with the Boss 5.0 block, which will displace a total of 323 ci (5.3 L) and have a compression ratio somewhere between 9.3:1 and 9.5:1.

    For heads & cams, I bought Modular Head Shop's Stage 3 ported PI heads and Stage 2.5 blower cams.

    I'm going to re-use the Tork Tech setup I already have, and see what that Magnuson MP112 can do. If it's not up to the challenge of feeding the beast, I'll either get the TVS and slap it on, or perhaps make a new top plate for the intake manifold so I can mount a twin-screw compressor on there. Anyone want to place their bets on dyno numbers? I don't think anybody's done a combo like this, but I'm thinking it will be about 600 rwhp at 6500 rpm and 580 rwtq at 3k rpm running on 93 octane.

    I'm also building the trans with upgraded clutch packs, a 3k stall lockup billet converter, and as many billet "hard parts" as I can find.

    I haven't fully decided on the fuel system yet, but right now I'm leaning towards getting a Fore hat with twin Ford GT (supercar) pumps and some aftermarket fuel rails. I already have a Cobra tank with the sump & baffles. I don't know what size injectors I'm going to use yet. I intend to stick with the returnless setup I have now, so I'll probably need to do the twin FPDM (fuel pump driver module) upgrade. If anyone has advice about the fuel system or injector sizing, I'm all ears; I don't know as much about fuel delivery as I do about other subsystems.

    I won't be doing any "weight reduction" mods, so the A/C, radio, etc are all staying. I intend to (at least be able to) drive this car year-round, including winter, as I have been doing since I bought the car 5 years ago. I'm sure my Blizzaks will just love putting up with 600 ft/lbs of torque lol.

    The engine has already been ordered, so now I'm playing the "waiting game". I'm hoping to have the car done by winter. I don't have any pictures of the build yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post back. Here are some pictures of my car:


    These pictures are from a few years ago, so it looks a bit different now. It is debadged, the decklid spoiler mounting holes are filled in, the chrome lettering on the rear bumper is removed, and the car has tailpipes now.
  2. that's an awesome build plan , i think you will be around of 580-590 rwhp , and you will bottleneck the fuel system or max the supercharger at one point.
  3. I expect the supercharger to be maxed out before the fuel system, but I guess it depends on what type of fuel system I run. That MP112 is really just a glorified Eaton, so I'm guessing that 580-590 would be a reasonable limit. Those compressors get really hot when you push them like that, so for safety it might even be less than that.
  4. oh take what i say with a grain of salt , your combo is unique and i would like to see what you put down , i am just tossing a number and an estimation , the 4.6l 2v never seizes to amaze me lately , let alone a 5.0l 2v :)

    keep us posted , you might want to consider water/methanol cooling if the supercharger internals can handle the meth , if not , go pure water cooling its cheap and i was able to run just 1 more deg of timing on my stang just spraying alittle water(AIS kit) , easiest 24 rwhp i ever made(for $200 i couldn't go wrong anyway). might wana consider that if your going to go full on boost build , you will thank me later and the money wont go to waste :nice:
  5. Fixed that for ya :p

    I am considering running a meth injection setup. I'll have to look into whether I can spray methanol through the blower without damaging the coating on the rotors. Anybody know?
  6. sounds like it's going to be a pretty sweet build. I'm ready to see what it lays down.
  7. Sweet sounding build! I'm curious to see what the Tork Tech blower will do. I'm thinking it might just surprise you.

    I really don't know for sure, but I think you can spray meth without any problem. I know a lot of the 03-04 Cobra guys do. And I'm strongly considering it myself, considering I don't even have an intercooler.
  8. 10's should be cake with traction. There was a video floating around Youtube with a Saleen Convertible making somewhere in the mid-500hp range and he was well into the 10's with it. I think he was spinning the blower into the 18psi range.
  9. MM&FF got around 600hp out of the TVS kit on a 4.6. That was spinning the supercharger to the max as well.

    In the end 1.9l is only 1.9l. Im still curious as to see what this combo does. :D
  10. I dunno how well that MP112 is going to feed 5.3 liters. And if you do swap a TVS 1900 on there you're going to need a bigger coolant pump, reservoir, and the dual pass intercooler.
  11. Why do you say I will need a larger coolant pump? I thought they just use the Bosch pump that Ford used in the Terminators for all of their kits.
  12. 10.5 @ 131, eh? Sounds like right where I'd like to be. I think that any more than that is probably too much for a daily driver.
  13. :drool: I want a built crate motor that I can drop in :(
  14. +1. Looks sweet. Can't wait to see the numbers and the results at the track. :hail2:
  15. Alright, I know it's been many months, but I finally have some updates. It took a while for the heads to arrive:


    I know those pictures aren't terrific, but hopefully you get a good idea of what the porting job looks like. I'm impressed with the workmanship. In case anyone's wondering, those are MHS "Stage 3" PI heads, fully ported & polished, Timeserts in each spark plug well, valve job, 1mm larger stainless steel valves, Stage 3 valve springs with titanium retainers, and Stage 2.5 blower cams.

    Meanwhile, I got the short block ready to accept the heads:


    It takes longer than you would think to get a short block mounted on an engine stand, especially if the stand hasn't been used in a while and is sitting in pieces:

    Next, I installed the ARP head studs:

    Sorry about the plastic sheet, but here's the shortblock with heads assembled and installed:

    This brings me to what may be bad news for some of you: I decided not to use the Magnuson MP112 after all. It seemed like a waste to build a nice short block, heads, and transmission and then cripple them with an inadequate compressor. Instead, I'm going to see if a TVS 2300 will fit. :D

    I talked with Charles from Tork Tech (the guy who designed and engineered the kit) and he said that he could fab me a custom top plate and source me the blower. Alas, he also said that my lower intake manifold was one of the first they made and wasn't machined to accept their larger intercooler and new top plate design. He also said they've designed an even larger throttle body and intake elbow / plenum that would work well with the 2300.

    So I placed an order for the new parts, and removed the Tork Tech kit from the old engine. First, I removed the hood:

    Then, I drained the coolant from both the engine and the intercooler, drained the fuel rails, removed the radiator fan, battery, and intake tract:

    Finally, I pulled off the lower intake manifold assembly:

    I then removed the supercharger from the lower intake manifold, so I could ship the latter across the country. In case any of you wanted to see what the old supercharger and intercooler look like after 30,000 miles, here they are:

    And that's pretty much where I am now. I've shipped the lower intake back to be re-machined, so now I just have to wait some more. I'll probably pull the old engine out sometime next week. Then I'll time the new engine, dress it, and drop it in.
  16. I cant wait to see this finished. What are you doing with the old blower?
  17. I'm going to try to sell it; I think it's a bit too big for the Miata, considering it displaces more than the engine :rlaugh:. It seems like Tork Tech will sell their kits piecemeal, so if you told them you had an MP112, I'm sure they'd be happy to send you a blower-less kit. Why, are you interested? :p