Progress Thread Flghtmstr1's 700 Rwhp Build

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  1. Update: the blower arrived today. Behold:


    It was well-packed:




    Tork Tech plans to start offering "Big Dog" inlet plenums and larger throttle bodies for their TVS 1900 and 2300 kits. For my build, Tork Tech cast pre-production pieces (hence the rough finish) and shipped them in a separate box:






    Tork Tech is using this photo of my blower setup on their website to advertise their new TVS 2300 kit:

    I'm currently working on finishing up the transmission. I'll be sure to keep this thread up-to-date as things come together.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your rebuild woes. I'll make sure to keep this thread up-to-date so you can vicariously enjoy the build process :)
  3. holy chit... awesome pics of the blower. that thing is gonna be a beast when you're done!!! :fap:
  4. a single 255lph (43gph)is good for ~500rwhp depending on BSFC of the engine. twins are the same as twin focus SVT pumps. 86 gallons per hours is plenty of fuel for 800 or so rwhp.
  5. I'm hearing people blowing off fuel pressure regulators making that much horse-power. Ever have an issue like that?
  6. any updates? just read whole thread and looks like a beast. Im planning MMR Longblock here shortly and debating on what blower to go with and this TVS kit looks pretty nice. Whats the 2300 kit run?
  7. :fap::leghump::drool:

    cant wait till I am able to afford to upgrade my Tork Tech blower......

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  8. Still working on the trans. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the weekend. I'm finished with the internals, but I still have to modify valve body and install it on the transmission. I'll keep you all posted.
  9. Update:
    Transmission is done. I finished with the valve body work Sunday night, and tomorrow after work I'll be starting with the process of installing the engine and trans back in the car. As always, I'll update this thread as I make progress. I hope to have the car running by October 16th, as I have a little race that day at Atco :).

    Here are the pictures I took of the trans building process:
    I got most of the rebuild parts from Level 10 in New Jersey:

    A bunch of gaskets, O-rings, and seals:

    More O-rings & check balls:

    Bushings, accumulators, pistons, and EPC solenoid:

    More seals. Some were solid Teflon, some were scarf-cut, and others were locking metal rings:

    New input shell:

    New reverse drum:

    New Overdrive and Reverse bands. The old reverse band could have probably been reused.

    Here's the old pan, valve body, various accumulators, pistons, springs, etc. Basically, I stuck all of the old shift control parts into the pan when I was taking the trans apart:

    Here's a picture of half of my work area during a random point of the build:

    Here's the other half:

    Gotta keep everything clean:

    I had Pat's Transmissions in Broomall, PA build me a converter. It's a 10.5" 3000 stall converter with 11.5" lockup clutch & billet housing: DSC01079.jpg

    Here's what the valve body looks like after it has been stripped and cleaned:

    And here's a picture of my separator plate with super-secret modifications marked on it:

    Once the valve body is finished, it is installed here:

    I wasn't able to get pictures, but I did end up replacing the old pump with a Level 10 unit. After removing and disassembling the original pump, I checked the clearances and decided that it was worth it to start with a fresh unit. The old pump was technically within spec, but just barely, and I didn't want to have to worry about it later.

    Here's what the finished trans looks like:

    I had to use my cell phone to capture some of those photos, so I apologize for the poor quality. Also, I know that many steps in the trans build were undocumented, but I just wasn't thinking about taking pictures at the time. If you have any questions about the build, feel free to ask and I will explain to the best of my abilities.

    Next steps are to paint the engine and trans and install them in the vehicle.

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  10. Bump! Updates :)
  11. Sorry, I've been so busy lately I forgot to update this thread. There hasn't been a ton of progress, but I'll share what I've done so far.

    I painted the transmission:

    I then taped off the engine and painted it (I also removed the pulleys before painting):

    Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the painted engine on the stand. However, I got a picture of the painted engine in its new home:

    And that's where I am right now. I am having trouble with the motor mounts (which I made a separate thread about). If any of you have any tips or ideas, let me know, as I've spent too long on this.

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  12. Nice progress. That's a lot of silver, lol. Makes the engine look huge.
  13. It was difficult selecting a color for the engine. I eventually settled on silver because I didn't want a black hole in the engine bay and any other color would have clashed with Laser Red.

    Also, I agree that it makes the engine look huge, but then again, these 4.6s are huge. Mine looked both taller and wider than the big block Chevy that was sitting on the other engine stand in the shop at the time.
  14. Just read the whole thread for the first time. All I gotta say is that you're my hero dude, lol! I'm thinking of eventually doing something similar (a long, long time away, just a dream now.), perhaps the MMR 4.75 stroker longblock and some sort of Tork Teck Kit.

    I have a 2001 with an auto trans also. I have so many questions for you on how to rebuild it to handle 600+ HP, but I'm no where near that point yet.

    But anyway, any new updates (pics) on your build?
  15. I've been doing little things here and there (i.e. re-mounting PS pump, AC pump, Tork Tech brackets, belts, hoses, etc.), but nothing that really deserves having pictures taken. I'm waiting for the lift to become available so I can install the trans and fuel system and get this thing back on the road.
  16. Because the when TorkTech was doing R&D on my TVS order they found out they needed to make those changes to support the TVS.
    Is the new plate for the 2300 going to give you the correct spacing needed to use the TT accessory drive? Because they need to get the snout length right since it's not the same.

    Edit: Read whole thread, geez. i leave and you're running a MP and doing well, come back and fool passed me right over to the 2300. What upper and lower are you running, looks like mine.
  17. They never mentioned that to me. What pump are you using?

    I have a 3" upper and both 7" and 9" lowers. I plan on using the 7" for initial start-up and tuning, then switching to the 9" once I'm convinced everything's in order.
  18. Do you have a pic of your pump. I have a 9 in lower/2.85 upper.
  19. No, but I'll try to remember to take one when I next see the car. I'm pretty sure it's just the standard black Bosch pump, though.