1. Dad just bought a 97 gt vert to try and make a buck on. Man, I hope he comes out ok.
  2. Flipppppppppppin
  3. You drinkin there padawan
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  4. Unless you got it for under 2k there may not be a lot of profit.
  5. If it's an auto, there's a thread you need to see
  6. I'd rather not.....
  7. around here that car sell for 3000, 3400 max
  8. Tell him to peel those hideous stripes off of it and go over the entire car with the buffing wheel and polish up those headlights and he might have some luck. The best part about that car is the later model bullet style wheels frankly.

    Tell him to take a road trip North. That car would still fetch 4-5K up around the border States.
  9. It's a 5 spd
  10. Kids might like the stripes.
  11. uh, you left the front license plate visible in the 2nd pic. I'm hoping you paid under 3k for that car. 2v non PI motor. Does the top work?
  12. I don't get why people hide plates. You drive around with them visible...
    People do it on Craigslist too. I've got your number and I'm coming to friggin meet you, what are you hiding?
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  13. The hidden plate pic was from previous owners ad. Yeah top works and is new. Yeah we're in the 3k ballpark. I'll let y'all know

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  14. still think it looks clean, if it runs well and he paid low he'll be ok...

    for that car the setup looks fine...
  15. I dont like flipping buyer :( , I had one guy bought my car, saying for his daily drive and he would keep it for ever, sold him 3k, next day he turn around and list for 7k. He actually sold it for 6k. That is why I ignore peoples that lowball.
  16. X2, get those stripes off the car ASAP!
  17. I tried flippin cars once. I found that getting good cars was something that you just happen upon by coincidence. When I actively looked, I never found a good car to flip. The few that I did find, I stumbled across while not even looking for one. Even then, you have to talk them well below value. Then, on the sale you have to do the opposite and talk it up out of somebody's pocket. Not to mention you have to convince the seller to not fill out specific title info. Then you try and just pass the title over to a buyer without even transferring it into your name first. The only way to make money doing this is to be a shady character.

    It's not legal and not a good feeling in the end.
  18. The kids aren't the ones with deep pockets. ;)