1. Mom
    Mom and Dad I guess he's hopping on. But anyways I didn't pick it and haven't even seen it in person. Maybe he'll get a handful of luney's maybe not. I'm not gonna say what he paid but he's in close to around break even price. But there's a sucker born every minute they say I just hope it's the buyer not the seller this time. Time will tell. I thought about putting this in the 4.6 section but I'm unfamiliar w those azz hats.
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  2. I though you have to be transfer to your name first, then be able to sell it. if the seller write his name and your name on the title.

    recently we got hit by hail storm, many peoples buying dirt cheap hail damage cars/truck turn around and sell them alot.
  3. What's a Luney? :scratch:
  4. You know what they say about suckers. If you look around the poker table you are sitting at and can't spot one, then you are it. Hope this isn't the case.
  5. That's fine for the 1 guy interested in the car, but for everyone else out there, i've just given you a shopping list of some goodies that are on the car and they can pull your address from the plate. So i don't put plate pics up on Mustang forums, or CL where people would be interested in stealing parts/car.

    And yes, you can get an address pretty easy from a plate. I have a friend who does it for me when needed.