Roush flofit seat upholstery any interest?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 87saleen161, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. I have been looking for a nice set of grey flofit seats,but I have had no luck.These seats are nearly impssible to find.I have now decided to see if anyone else would like to buy the material to recover there seats.I have spoken to a yarn spinning company that can duplicate the material .The problem is I would need to buy enough material for 15 sets of seats front and back to make it worth his time.The material would be an exact match,but it would not be cheap>The other thing is you would have to have someone stitch your seats as the material would be on a roll not pre cut.If interested let me know.Only doing grey at this time.
  2. Are you referring to the center material design on the foxbody flofit seats or the solid gray area? if it's the center material I'm definitely in!
  3. If you are talking the center section material, you can count me in as well, and I'm sure there will be plenty of others who will be interested!!:nice:

    If it's they solid gray material on the outer edges of the seats, don't waste your time as that can be bought now!

  4. I redid my Saleen seats with the solid gray outer material and kept my original center material as it was still in mint condition. But I'd like to get some of it for just in case.
  5. :nice: I'm in as well. I'm going to be painting my car in a few days and would love to give the seats an upgrade too.
  6. As stated, if its the material for the center section count me is as well. Along side my orginal Saleen Flofits & have a spare set of gray FloFits that i want to recover to look like the Saleen Flofit so this would be cool.
  7. Count me in too....
  8. Sorry taking so long.

    I am pleased with the response and I plan to move forward with this.I have had a setback on following up.My dad has cancer and has taken a turn for the worse,I need to spend my time with him.I promise I will get to this project soon.If anyone is in Charlotte NC area and would like to help on this send me a private messge.Thanks
  9. Sorry to hear about your father. I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone here when I say thanks for the interest in getting this material and we all look forward to seeing the resutls and getting this thing moving forward.
  10. Im also interested in this. I assume it is the same grey that was on the original saleen flofit seats? If you look at the drivers side seat you can see it hasnt quite worn through yet but its getting close. When I have the foam redone I would like to go ahead and replace the fabric too.

  11. You'res are totally different materials and a different shade of gray. The material we are referring to is in the material in the center sections of the seats that have a pattern design. You'res can be easily recovered at any upholstery shop.
  12. I just got an 89 saleen with the red piping, are you guys refereing to that style you're talking about replacing? if so i'm in aswell.
  13. yep it's the materail between the piping we are referring to.
  14. Whatever happen with this?
  15. I sent an original piece to Bill in Washington and he has an upholstery manufacturer that may be able to reproduce it exact. We will see
  16. Update!

    I talked with the manufactuer yesterday, and the fabric is with their designer.
    I should be hearing back from them soon!
    I was told they should be able to re-weave it for us!
    Cross your fingers everyone!
  17. I would have been in before I converted mine to leather..
  18. Any updates?