Roush flofit seat upholstery any interest?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 87saleen161, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Yes, the material is out to bid at several manufacture's as we speak.
    I was told this is a long process, so please be patient.
    As soon as I recieve info from my source, I will post it up.

  2. Eight months seems like a sufficiently long time. Has there been any update to this? I've got some 1997-8ish Flofit seats I ordered from Brother's Performance back in the day and I'd really like to get my rear seat covered to match.


  3. Are there any updates? I am interested in the re-upholstering my seats. :shrug:
  4. Still in the works!

    It takes a long time, especially when you have to start from scratch!

    Will keep everyone posted when I hear any new news!
  5. 88 Saleen Flofit seat upholstery

    I need some! Let me know when it gets off the press.
  6. this maybe a little off topic. But does any one know where I can get some new skins for my seats? I own a 2001 #893. It just has the stock GT seats which has always bothered me. Are Saleen skins still available for the 99-04 seats? Where do i find them?
  7. If it ever happens, then i'm in. Let me know! Thanks!
  8. What's the latest. I'm new here and will participate
  9. Flofit Seat Material

    I talked with the manufacturer before Christmas, and it's still in the works, he will let me know when he gets a sample back from the mill that he is happy with.
  10. I'm not sure what the current status is on the fabric, but I just received my National Parts Depot catalog for '79-93 Mustangs in the mail last night. On page 16, they have Flofit upholstery listed. I have no idea how closely it matches or what it looks like. I went ahead and ordered a rear seat cover (my fronts are in really good condition because the car hasn't had very many miles in the last ten years). I figure that whatever they send me can't be any worse than the stock standard dirty faded seat cover that's on there now. I'm not a StangNet regular, but I'll try to remember to come back here and post pictures of my results. They said it will be 6-7 weeks until delivery because each one is made to order. I'm crossing my fingers!

  11. seat material 88 saleen

    hello everyone,i am new to the club and am very, very interested in buying the material for the back, front both the outers and inners and if anyone is making a list count me in please, thank you...Doug .....FOXIEE is the plate on my wifes 88 Saleen # 676
  12. It's been nearly a year since my last post in this thread, but figured I would update. I canceled my order from NPD because I wasn't sure what I was getting. I found wedge engineering (also known as Seat Source...they operate from the same address). The guy there sent me an upholstery sample, and it was nothing like what I have in my car, so I wanted to see if we're on the same page as to which material is needed. The material he sent me has black dots, but the seats in my car, which were ordered from Brother's Performance Warehouse in 1998 and 1999, have a wave pattern as seen in the pictures below.





    I would still desperately like to get a matching rear seat cover made and enough material to cover the door panel inserts. I hope that we are all looking for the same material and that it is still in the works.
  13. What's the status of the seat material? If any