Fox Floor Mats

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  1. So who knows the answer? When my 92 rolled off the line what floor mats were in it? Plain? Running pony? What was stock?
  2. Stock was plain. No logo
  3. Wasn't them the days when they didn't include floor mats, so the dealers could upsell 'em to you for a ridiculous price?
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  4. Ah plain. I kinda like that.
  5. I've got a beautiful set of black carpeted mats with the running pony logo in the middle that my GF bought me for my birthday last year. Problem is....they're so pretty, I hate putting my feet on them and getting them dirty. :(
  6. I bought some no name off the shelf black carpet ones. Like the plain look!
  7. I do too! I've had "Horsey" logo mats in my car for Years. They were starting to show wear so just last week I replaced them with plain grey mats from LMR.

    Love the clean look.
  8. I got originals on ebay for nearly nothing a while back, a quick search suggest you can still get them.
    Me personally, i like the mats with nothing on them.
  9. I have running pony fronts and nothing in the back. So I need a set either way. The ponys just never looked right to me. Glad they are going up for sale soon.
  10. Am I missing the floor mat party?? I refuse to use them as I wouldn't want some floor mat jammed under my brake pedal preventing me from stopping... I think parachute usage is frowned upon on the street...
  11. Yup. I actually cant see them moving much. The old school mats have a forest of plastic points that would rip the carpet up before they slid much.
  12. Floor mats? If I remember when I got my 87 and 90 they had plain carpeted floor mats. That used to be the running joke back in the day- to seal the deal- you asked to throw in a set of floor mats.

    The dealers would try and charge like $100 for them and $300 for a can of scotch brite "protection" spray on the interior.
  13. Yep been there seen that many times. Its like they remove the mats and hold them hostage just in case they don't make the profit they want to make on the car. LOL
    Luckily for me when I bought my '88 new the floor mats were part of the deal.
    Funny coincidence. I recently rediscovered them again while doing a major spring cleaning of my barn. They aren't in the best of condition but not too bad.
    I don't throw anything away. LOL
  14. I still have the following somewhere, anticipating one day there will be a mad rush for

    air silencers
    Rubber distributor boots
    Hold down brackets on the exhaust manifolds.
  15. Yep I still have my old air silencer stored away. I am actually using the distributor cover again.
    I like the clean look it adds.
  16. To the OP.. I'm wondering if there is some motivation behind the question? What you want for floor mats is really entirely up to you, and what you want. I used to have plain ones, but my wife got me some Pony emblem ones as a pressie, and they've kinda grown on me. It even encouraged me to clean everything up before I put them in, so it's a double bonus ;) But seriously.. by the time you get in the car you already kinda know it's a Mustang! There's cars and reasons why keeping things stock can add some value to a car (i.e. keeping my stock may had 10 cents to it's value since it's a LTD Ed..) but I don't think floor mats are one of those things? So even if you have one of them collector type cars, pick something you like, whatever it is.. and then don't forget to include the fuzzy dice to hang from the rear view mirror..
  17. Because I want it stock. Not kinda stock or what should have been stock but instead as close as I can get it to the way it rolled off the assembly line.
  18. I also don't use floor mats.
  19. Hold down bracket???
  20. Same here. I like a very clean look. My interior is all black with very subtle accents. Mine are plain.