Floor pans?????

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 347Fastback, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. The fastabck I bought needs some interior work. It has no carpet etc. The floorplans are very clean and I want to know what should I do to them before I put carpet down... Is there any type of sound deadner I can apply or something to perserve the pans????? You can tell I am new to classic cars but I know there is so many new options out since these cars came out...
  2. Have you heard of POR-15? That's what a lot of guys have used in their cars. It's a rust converter/sealer. As for the sound deadner, each person has their own opinion. I used the kind that's like foil with bubble wrap in the middle. The stuff I would really like to use is Dynamat. I've heard good things about that stuff.

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  3. Cool, thanks for the reply. I am ordering a POR 15 kit. My friends had experience with using it so we are going to do the interior and trunk.... I think I am going use dynamat also...

  4. nice, if i could afford that kind of stuff i would use it, but i can't.
    so i settled for cheaper rust preventing (but i hear it works) paint(its a spray), and no sound deadener. besides i like the feel and sound of the engine anyway.
  5. i have sound deadner from mustangs unlimited. Its like a 1/2 centimeter thick rubber/plastic/tar-like mat that you put under the carpet. works really well.
  6. NPD sells the underlay sound deadoning kit

    It is made of an asphalt/polymer compound. They sell a kit for the floor for $27.95. Part # K300 for cpe/fastback. They also have a kit that includes the gasket that includes all floor sound deadening for the floor and deadening between the trunk mat and gas tank. POR15 is definately the way to go before you put in the deadening. I am doing the same as you. I used the dynamat. Deadening/insulator. Got it from jegs a 24X48 sheet. Hope that helps
  7. Thanks guys, i am going to order it up and get busy. My wife cannot see how I could bring home a car like this and just start taking all the interior out. I have everything out and nicely stacked... Waiting on the POR 15.... Now I just have to get my gauges figured out...