FloPro's Single Turbo GTS (PICS!!!!!!!)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by rio95, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Heres what I've been up to:

    A pic of my current set-up for reference:

    Turbonetics 62-1 0.81 A/R


    Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate

    Time to get rid of the 4.10's (I'm pissed!)

    Drivers side header:

    Passenger side header:




    All I need now is some silicone, MAF, Injectors, oil lines, intercooler...

    More pics here (Sorry 56k users):
  2. looks SICK man!!!! cant wait to see this thing in action!
  3. Whats the shiny swirly donut thingy that says Turbonetics on it :shrug:

    :D Lookin awsome!
  4. lucky bum!!! no A/C LOL

    lookin good so far man

    dont be shy on the pics

    seeing these posts just makes me want to start mine sooner :(
  5. Alright, I should have the turbo mounted tomorrow. I just have to beat the hell out of the merge pipe to fit the flange. I'll try to get some pics.
  6. looks good so far keep the pics coming
  7. Awesome!
  8. looks nice :nice:

    What headers is that for the p heads?
    How is it going to be tuned?
    What maf do you have?
    How much did the turbocharger cost?
  9. Funny how you just started that thing Friday morning. You were right, DIY turbos are like a few days project.:nice:
  10. i cant wait to start mine.....got a whole winter to wait:(
  11. awesome, now i can race ya, lol
    actually, i gotta fab up my exhaust post turbo, and get it painted, then i can put my car next to ya!
  12. You are gonna love it!

    That is all..
  13. Nice...hope to go turbo someday...just hope its on a notch...unless I totaly trash my 94's new motor.
  14. Here is about an hours worth of work. Just need to finish some tig.



  15. -They are mac headers for my P heads.
    -I am probably getting it tuned at Livernois in Detroit with a SCT chip with a few different tunes.
    -I am using a Pro-Flow 3in. blow thru.
    -I paid $645 for the turbo.
  16. thats one sexy ****!!!

    if your gonna run your cold side the way the turbo is setup, hows the cleareance next to the abs box?
  17. I am clocking the turbo a bit more and I don't have abs, which is sweet. Keep in mind, my car is a gts and I took the air, smog, and battery etc. out. I started to piece the downpipe together and that should be done on friday after I recover from my 21st on thursday.

    I can't wait!!

    Any opinions on a clutch? I have a stock clutch with a t5, so I don't know if I want to go with a spec 3+ or something. I might end up with something less harsh like a centerforce. Either way, bye bye to banging gears for awhile. Sadly I'm not expecting my car to run as fast as it could. As long as I get some good trap speeds, I'll be happy for a while.
  18. That is the most rigged piece of garbage ever. :Track:

  19. haha, yeah right!!

    So are you ready to go to the bar or what??
  20. :hail2: awesome, man, it's all so clean. how many lbs of boost are you planning on running? intercooler?