FloPro's Single Turbo GTS (PICS!!!!!!!)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by rio95, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. looks like mine:D
    good job man, how are you gonna do the coldside?

  2. Thats pretty sweet. I thought about flipping my intake also, but decided against it.

    Good Job!

    Here are some pics for you guys:

    My downpipe is finished with a v-band and the exhaust started. I'm ordering more parts tomorrow.

    p.s. Summit RULES! I ordered parts yesterday and they are already on my car.



    I can't believe how awesome everything is turning out. My downpipe clears everything and it is exactly how I wanted it. I'm getting some ball flanges tomorrow so I can finish my exhaust hopefully this weekend.

    Anyone got any input on a vac/breather system yet??
  3. I forgot to add that I'm going to be able to use my stock exhaust hangers which should hold the y-pipe up in a perfect position.

    Also forgot to add that I ran into a potential problem. When I jacked my car up today, I found that my sway bar hits the crossover. When the car is on the wheels, there is quite a bit of room though. Obviously the cars wheels will never be in that position when driving, but I'm concerned it might hit when taking corners hard or something. I'm going to have to remember to unbolt a v-band every time I jack the car up though. It hits alot and causes the flange to be way off from eachother. What do you guys think??

    I'm ordering a flex bellow tomorrow, which I think may help if they did collide during driving. I think I'll be alright. If not, no sway bar for awhile!
  4. you can space your swaybar down,
    also how are you going to run your intake, in/out on the same side intercoolers are inefficent compared to regular ones. just curious

  5. Yeah, I'm going to see how it is first, then I can space it if needed. The intercooler I'm looking at is below. I was going to get a smaller one, but I think this one will work perfect. I also have to figure out how to relocate the ps cooler???


    I am running 2.5" over to the drivers side into the intercooler then out into a 3" before the mass air with a 3" out of the mass air out of the stock hole (needs a little trim) and into the throttle body.

    Today I ordered the oiling system, more silicone, pipe.....

  6. Your intercooler looks about like a 31" also. What are the dimensions?? Any problems?
  7. yea i have the same intercooler. i had to cut apart the bumper to make it fit,.

  8. I'm leaning towards this now. I think the 4" way be a bit tight. Plus this has 2.5" inlet and that is the size pipe I'm going to run in and out of it, so it makes more sense and the silicone will be cheaper.


    What dimension caused you to need to cut the bumper?? It had to be the thickness, because it seems that the length and height wouldn't be a problem.
  9. i did a post on turbomustangs and people have said a 24x12x3 is a perfect fit for us sn95's
  10. I got the exhaust done while waiting for more parts to come. In about a week, I will have just about all of it done. Just got to afford injectors and figure out the vac system.




  11. that looks like the same welder I have. Is it a tig or a mig?
  12. definately a mig, i have that one too
  13. that y-pipe came out pretty nice. is that a flowmaster splitter?
  14. Rio:
    Your turbo project is killer, Im wicked jealous. Ive got some q's about your welding. What types of welding are you using to tackle your project? I started a thread asking about welding and whether or not I should take a class before going to town on my car. How much time/experience did you have before you got into this project? What welder(s) do you use, Im looking to buy. I need some things to keep me busy and this sounds like its a blast!
    (still sober and doing it right)
  15. I only used that mig for the y-pipe and for tacking. The y-pipe was acctually welded by my buddy who has wanted to help me out. He was excited to get to weld, so I just let him do all the y-pipe welding. The rest of the hotside was tacted by me with a crappy non-gas mig. Then it was finished with a tig by another buddy that works with his dad running a fabrication shop. He is really good as you can see. The only spots that we not absolutely perfect were where I had tacked or had trouble lining things up perfect (i.e. headers). Everything has come out great and I appreciate the welding help.

    As far as parts go, I will be getting the following hopefully by Tuesday:

    All silicone, o2 bungs, o2 plug, 4" silicone bend, all oiling components (steel braided), pipe, flex bellow, mass air, intercooler..........

    I still need to get a clutch, msd 6al, wheel spacers and studs, injectors, and filter.

  16. Yup, its a flowmaster from summit. It's really nice.
  17. That's gonna be a beast when it's done...one fine day I will join the power-adder ranks...:hail2:
  18. Here is the intercooler I went with. It looks even better than I thought it would. The quality looks great. Not bad for $140.