FloPro's Single Turbo GTS (PICS!!!!!!!)

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  2. By the way, I talked to a guy today about powder coating my cold side and valve covers and possibly my hot side with a high temp powder coating. I think I may go with a silver for the cold side to match my trick flow intake and then black for the valve covers. My hotside, downpipe, and y-pipe will be black.

    Or should I go with a black cold side also?? I'm not sure. I am probably also going to get some of my front brackets done to replace the paint I used on them last year. I love the color of the paint I used though, it just isn't that durable or heat resistant.

    p.s. I have my injectors in. I just have to get the valve covers doen and retorque my heads and intake.
  3. I have been following this thread since it started and all I can say is Great Work and I AM JEALOUS.
  4. Well, I'm just about done. I'm getting a chip before I go to the dyno, so my car should be running shortly.

    p.s. I didn't take any pics of when I painted the valve covers or put my injectors in, but they are all done.





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  5. looks amazing dude! i cant wait to see it run!!:nice:
  6. SOOO, who feels like making a video for me??

    I'm looking for a slide show of the build at the beginning, then the dyno footage, and then some street fun. Obviously I still have a few weeks, but I thought I'd ask now. I could mail someone a dvd with ALL of my pics and vids on it.
  7. i could do it...
  8. beautiful work! Very well thought out, doesn't look like a mess of tubing under the hood. You're a damn good welder too :nice:

    -savin all these pics for a future build someday (crossing fingers)-
  9. :nonono: wow I hate you. (me being overwhelmed with jealousy):nice:
  10. Gees, I don't come over for a couple weeks and you go and finish the thing. Looks pretty amazing. Good part is you just may be able to go for a test run with the way the roads are right now. So, time to do my lower?:rlaugh:
  11. Ohh. I love doing lowers. I COULD do it this weekend though...??..
  12. Everything is finally welded. I just have to clean the insides of the pipes, run some vac lines and throw it all back on. Hopefully it wil fire up today. My air filter and SCT Chip will be here early next week. Then it will really be running.

    p.s. I installed my oil drain by tapping the pan and I don't think it will work too well. It seems a bit sloppy even if I thighten it down all the way. I may just tack weld the bottom of the fitting with the pan on my car. Then it won't come out at least. I MAY be able to weld just about the whole thing. It just makes me nervous welding with oil and possibly gas around.
  13. That's so awesome man! On the oil pan issue...you must not tighten the bung too tight b/c the pan is super thin. You have to make sure you tapped it in the correct spot so it can drain properly, the oil that drains out it gunky and needs to be able to get it way down at the right angle. Looks frigg'n beautiful thogh and I wish I could have placed my turbo in that clocked position b/c it looks so damn mean under there!
    Try some JB weld or black silicone on the oil drain tap first.
  14. i was going to say the same thing. use some JB weld.

    just noticed looking at your pics, you didnt cutup your fenders did you? nice and clean

  15. Yeah, it might be alright the way it is, but I may try JB weld. I'm thinking about actually tacking it to the pan though.

    As for my fender, I hate to say it, but I did end up having to cut it. No one will ever be able to tell though. I did it very clean and the part I cut for the 4" silicone is tucked up and under where you can't really see.

    I have to search for a MAF wiring diagram then I'll start it up.
  16. Can you take a pic of the piping from the turbo to the intercooler? When I go turbo I want to get a intercooler that has the inlet/outlet on the same side, but I heard those were very inefficient.
  17. Well, all I can say if WOW!. I've officially joined the club. It is running and there is no sign of any leaks. It is very rich at idle, so it surges pretty bad, but I should be getting my tune early this week and I hope that will take care of it.

    p.s. The turbo is absolutely ear piercing standing next to it.

    Pics will have to wait until tomorrow, since my gf has the camera.
  18. Did you have to pull the bumper cover to install that intercooler? Also where did you get the cooler at?
    Got any more pics of it installed and the piping from the Turbo to it?
    Nice job by the way.

    alos do you have alink for the summit Y pipe?

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  19. I did pull the bumper, but I really didn't have to. I got the intercooler from etdmotors on ebay.

    Link for the y: