FloPro's Single Turbo GTS (PICS!!!!!!!)

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  1. I wonder if I could fit that same intercooler in my 94 cobra with the radiator and condenser in place without removing the front bumper?
  2. what happened man?

    something go crunchy crunchy?
  3. Ok, I guess I'll tell the story. I got my chip and air filter in the mail today and finished my car. I set my timing to 6 and my FP was about 39 psi. So I back out of the driveway and make my way to the gas station with a HUGE grin on my face. It drove and sounded AMAZING. I'm in love! So after I get gas, I drove around and still no leaks or any problems. Then I decided to give it a little gas in second gear at like 3k and the boost INSTANTLY SHOT to around 6 psi. I was only at like 3/4 throttle for about 500 rpm before letting out. Then I look behind me and the largest white cloud I have ever seen come from a car was present. Oh, and my car shut right off when I let off. So I pull over and I found some coolant in the engine bay. I was PISSED. So I called and buddy and a flat bed and $20 later, I was back in my garage farther behind than ever. So I pull the oil drain plug and PURE coolant starts pouring out along with what appeared to be gasket material. I couldn't believe it.

    Sooo, I'm obviously pulling all the turbo stuff and putting in the gaskets. I am kind of tempted to put new rings in to though. I do have 130k miles on the short block and I don't what to just put gaskets in to realize that I had done worse to the pistons, rings etc.. I also still need to put a clutch in, so maybe pulling the motor would be best. Any opinions???

    Now for the good news. Everything came out awesome and looking better than I could have imagined. See for yourself:

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    Luckily I'm an optimistic person!!

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  4. That sucks to hear. I wonder what your total timing was? You said 6* base but how much did the chip pull out up top?
  5. Yeah, I'm not too sure, becuase my tuner didn't call me back today. I thought I was more than safe and I was not going to take the car above 4k for whatever reason. Like I said, I had at least 6 psi instantly at like 3K, but it was way too late obviously. I didn't even get to feel it pull before it blew. I should have just gave it all. Just kidding!

  6. I don't really think it would fit with the condensor. It would be a tight fit, but would PROBABLY work. Removing your bumper wouldn't be necessary, but why the heck are you so worried about taking the bumper off???
  7. How hard is the bumper cover to remove? I prefer not to remove the front cover or fenders as I don't want to mess with having to line everything back up. If I have to I will, I just prefer not to.

  8. It's only four bolts and if you take JUST the cover off, there is nothing to really line up or adjust.
  9. aren't there some rivets that hold it on?

  10. No, ther shouldn't be. Just four nuts. It's that easy. It takes about 7 minutes.
  11. Wow I cant believe it blew so easily! I drove/raced my car for like 7 months without a chip before I blew anything. Thats nuts, good thing your not giving up though!
  12. that sucks about the coolant and all, but like you said it all looks great :nice:

    What are you gonna do for a finish on the piping? Ceramic coating or paint?

    once again, looks awesome, can't say it enough
  13. blowing a hg, or worse, blowing up my engine is my biggest fear. i too am surprised that it blew so easily.

    i guess that's the thing about turbos ... it's either no boost or all boost ... there is not much opportunity for 1/2 boost ... :shrug:
  14. Glad I left your house when I did or I wouldve really been late.

  15. I am paintin just about all of it. I think I'm going black on the hotside and silver metalic on the cold side.
  16. Rivets hold the bumper to the headlight panel. You can just take the bumper off with the headlight panel attached. At least thats how I took mine off.

  17. If you do have rivots, you don't need to put them back on. I don't have any. My stock bumper might have though.
  18. Putting in rivots is fun though....i just had to do some for my gas hood lift cylinders. Not hard at all.
  19. should of left the spout out LOL

    take the more apart, go through it so you dont have to do it twice.