FloPro's Single Turbo GTS (PICS!!!!!!!)

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  1. I found out that the drivers side blew, which is the easy side to dao (2 hr. job). Therefore, I may just put a new one in and call it a day. Otherwise, I'll want to buy forged pistons, main bearing, k-member, motor mounts etc.. and I have NO money for that for a long time.

    I pretty sure that since my car shut off right after it happened and I didn't hear any loud or wierd noise, it SHOULD just be the gasket.
  2. sounds like good news ... any idea yet why it blew in the first place?

    how much confidence do you have in the tune?
  3. What MAF are you using?
  4. I am using PMAS Pro Tube.

    About the chip. Ihave no clue what exactly the tune is. I just told my tuner what he needed to know and told him to make it safe. I thought it would be a decent BASE tune. It's probably not really his fault. I'm moving on now though and am over it. Now I just want to fix it.

    Would you guys just replace the gasket or pull the whole thing??

    I think I am going to check the compression on the pass. side and then change it along with the drivers side if needed.
  5. i understand completely ... i was just thinking that if it is the tune, then you will probably blow another hg pretty quickly, which would suck.
  6. I have everything apart now. It doesn't look like anything is wrong with the bottom end (hopefully), but I had coolant in EVERY cylinder whe I took my heads off. The worst part is I had about 20 oz. of coolant in my crossover pipe. Think about what the crossover goes right into. Thats right, the turbo. I have never heard of this happening. I hope the turbo is ok. The turbo and wastegate and my downpipe have a sticky black reside all over. I may be sending my turbo to turbonetics to check it all out, for piece of mind. What do you guys think? If I just clean as good as I can with a q-tip and carb cleaner, should I be alright? It seems to rotate pretty good and none of the fins appear to be damaged or anything. It's just dirty. Should I take the exhaust housing off to clean? If so, when I put it back on, do I just eye ball the alignment between the turbine to ensure it doesn't hit?

    Drivers side:
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    View attachment 488646

    Pass. side:
    View attachment 488650

    And my BRAND NEW turbo :'(
    View attachment 488655

    By the way, none of the rings were blown through, but the composite material was off of the metal mesh core in tons of spots. I just don't understand how I filled every cylinder. I think I'll get the block and heads checked to make sure the are flat, throw everything back together and hope for the best.

    By the way, the gaskets were 9333pt-1's and I am putting the same back in.

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  7. those are the same gaskets im running

    how come you dont upgrade to something a little stronger? or do you want the HG to kinda be the 'weak link' in the combo to save the shortblock

  8. Exactly, they are fuses in my eyes. Plus these gaskets are pretty good.
  9. with these head gaskets and ARP studs, people have run 20 psi without a problem. i see you have head bolts tho.
  10. did it lift the head?
  11. I highly doubt I lifted the head below 8 psi especially since my arp bolts were torqued to 100/85 lbs.
  12. it looks like you didnt even drain the coolant before you took the heads off judging by the fact the block still is full, when you take off the lower, coolant will flow out and could fill the cylinders with coolant, looks to me like the intake side of the heads lifted though, look how its not really a "spot" where the gasket broke, but looking at the one pic of the head, it looks discolored on the tops of every cylinder. check that nothings warped, put it back together with studs and dont torque the lower intake bolts so hard next time, that will help the head from lifting a little
  13. is it possible that the wastegate maybe didn't open so the boost spiked and that is what blew the hg?
  14. That is what I was thinking. I didn't really see a blown gasket except maybe the one between the bores. That doesn't allow coolant to get in though.
    It appears the head almost lifted all of the way across.
  15. I kind of agree with you guys, but I don't see how it is possible. 6-8 psi should not lift a head torqued down with ARP bolts.

  16. i would definetly get some head studs. i find it amazing your still in good spirits after all that mess. we all know these things happen and it can be very discouraging.
  17. Some 7/16" head studs??

    If a bolt and a stud are made of the same material composition, are the same size etc. I don't see how studs could be better. Does anyone know?? Or are you saying I should get 1/2" studs??
  18. I think that there are more threads on a stud wich gives you a bigger:shrug: surface for the nut to hold. Not sure, but I think thats it
  19. i'm pretty sure the studs thread all the way into the block, as the bolts do not.
  20. This might be dumb and late in the thread but I would really like to know what all you need to have with a turbo set up. As far as the fuel and timing issue. Is it like a supercharger set up where you have to have a msd box take out timing with pounds of boost? I have not seen you write anything about that. Also do you have a adjustable fuel regulator. I saw that you got a new maf, injectors and a tune. So please tell me what all you need to make the turbo work on a 5.0. Thank You, and I think you have done a great job with your set up.