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  1. Has anyone switched the speedo to the left side of the cluster and if so, is there enough slack in the cable to get it over there?

    Here is the look i am going for. Keep in mind this is just a mock up, i won't be using cardboard on the finished product

  2. I've never attempted to move my speedo. I have, however, pulled my instrument cluster a couple of times. There is virtually NO slack at all in the cable. It's kind of a pain to get to. There may be some type of extension or aftermarket cable available, I'm not sure. But, as it sits stock, its very tight.
  3. If you want the speedo on the left, you may be better off getting an electrical speedo and eliminating the cable completely.
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  4. Im planning on at least unbolting the retaining clip on the fire wall. Just wasn't sure it if was even possible. Maybe if I relocate the way the cable enters the cabin altogether.
  5. X2 on the electric speedometer. That's the route I plan on going.
  6. Already have the mechanical, don't feel like spending $240 on a electric model.
  7. what about swapping the tach and the Speedo? I cant remember how much length there is for the cables but it very minimal maybe 2-3 inches if your lucky. scratch that it won't work. I love the design though.
  8. Op... don't bother trying to convert to electric, just buy a cut to fit speedo cable if yours is to short.
  9. I'll swap them if there is no other way. I just would get a much better view of the tach if it was on the right.
  10. Would an sn Speedo be longer?
  11. Well here is where we are at. Figured I will just stick with the Speedo on the right side. All thats left now is to add a little bit extra to the bare black plastic, and order/install the indicators.

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  12. Man I would LOVE a Florida 5.0 gauge cluster
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  13. I has one in my car and let me tell you it's awesome sauce! @boostfrk