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  1. A new member here ! ... I post also on stangs unleashed but with that said ... Myself along with a few other die hard SHELBYGT500 owners are having the first annual get together in the State of Florida.

    Its turning out better than I thought so I figured I would post over on Stang Net as well !!!:SNSign:

    Its May 19th in Oviedo Florida( near Orlando) on a Saturday and all SHELBY owners are invited .. both the GT and GT500. Were going to do a meet and greet, show off our cars .... talk mods ... and to get to know one another .... and to discuss the passion that we ALL know we have .. and thats about our cars

    Everything is coming together incredibly well ! We already have lots of RSVP's !!

    -We have Justin from VMP tuning coming with his portable dyno machine.

    -EVOLUTION is providing a door prise as is Justin .... Thanks guys !

    -Were going to have door prizes and gift give aways and items to raffle; compliments of SAI, SHELBY REGISTRY and FoMoCo as well :nice:

    -Robert Lane of the SHELBY REGISTRY .... personal friend of Amy Bolan ... motor gear head like the rest of us plans on attending soooooooooooooo ..... should be a incredible turnout.

    - For the kids, we will have pony rides and real pony rides for the adults, and I mean as many as 553 ponies! J

    Outline of days events:

    - Check in; get name tags and goodie bags
    - Meet and greet ( dyno sessions will go on for the whole day )
    - Car show
    - Tech session
    - Lunch catered by Sonnys Barbecue
    - door prizes awarded
    - Awards giving for best looking stock Shelby/best looking modded Shelby

    So as you can see we should have a great time !

    The 19th is rapidly approaching and we need to get your check in ( $12 per adult, $8 per child) or paypal. Please be sure to use your full name, how many will be attending in your party.

    Time and location will be forwarded with in the week.

    My paypal addy is [email protected] or you can send a check payable to Don Donelson

    To: Bay Harbor Ford
    Attn:Don Donelson
    1908 S McCall Rd
    Englewood, Fl, 34223
    941-475-5444 ext 212

    Looking forward to seeing everyone !

    Don Donelson
  2. Where and when exactly (address) will this be held? Can I just drive over and look at all the nice cars without having to participate in all the other stuff?
  3. hey 1Badsho, glad to see your over here too. this might be my new home for awhile. Say Hi to Amy for me
  4. Hey everyone

    Last year I held what would be considered the largest GT500 gathering in the state of Florida. We had at one location over 21 SHELBYGT500's and expect over 50 ShelbyGT500's this year.

    Were having our 2nd Annual SHELBYGT500 roundup on 02/24/08 in Oveido Florida.

    Below is a text of what was sent on stangsunleashed now known as Team Shelby, Those with interest either PM me or e-mail me at:

    [email protected]

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on Feb 24th !!!


    FAST FORWARD TO 2008 !!!!

    Announcing the second annual Florida SHELBY GT500 roundup to be held on Feb 24th , 2008. This will be our second event ... the first which is part of this post .... and was a HUGE SUCCESS thanks to YOU who attended and thanks too the vendors who donated prizes and gifts:

    FoMoCo, VMP tuning, Evolution, SAI and lasty Robert and Sharon for attending !!!!!

    More specifics will be forthcoming but it will be held in the same location ( thanks Brad !!! ) along with Justin and VMP tuning and his portable dyno machine.

    We are still working on a vendor list for all the free handouts but I expect for this meeting the following vendors to be in full force for this years event:

    FoMoCo, VMP Tuning, Evolution, JLT, SAI, Stillen, Shelby Performance Parts, Steeda and others

    Last year we had 20 ShelbyGT500's show up and this year we are shooting for over 50 !!!! It ought to be the best turn out any SHELBYGT500 gathering has ever seen. We even had 4 ShelbyGTs show up and they are welcome again !!

    We already have 11 cars confirmed ....along with Justins FRPP TVS blower car and a KB car from Tampa !!

    I will be either using this old thread and possibly a new thread to keep everyone posted. Last year guests will be PM'd and e-mailed.

    This event is not just for Floridians but for everyone. THAT MEANS U PIG

    So ... get the date down ... set aside that weekend ... get your car cleaned .... and get your pretty a** down to Orlando !!!!

    *******Below is the balance of the text written from last year*********

    I with a few other shelby owners are planning a meet and greet here in the sunshine state .. to show off our cars .... to talk mods ... and to get to know one another .... and to discuss the passion that we ALL know we have .. and thats about our cars !

    I would like everyone to respond to my thread who lives in Florida or those who are close enough bye and would want to come down ... ( guessing Orlando would be a good place to meet ) ... who you are and what city you live in ... I would also like you to pm me ... with your full name ... and a phone number so we can start planning this event.

    Its in the early stages ... so suggestions are welcomed !

    Lastly I will be refreshing this topic every few days so it will stay at the top ... those who dont post alot will be able to see this thread !

    Thanks for everyones patience !
  5. I am looking fordward to coming again this year, and bringing my GT500 and Mobile Dynojet. If anyone is interested in tuning or mods we could do them in the morning by appointment, and then do pulls in the afternoon.
  6. Hey Justin

    We should have a great turnout .. already got 15 cars confirmed !!!! ..

    This is a must event for all SHELBYGT500's and SHELBYGT's .... Looking forward to seeing everyone !!!

  7. We are up to 30 cars and have over $2000 in door prizes to be given away !! .. The largest single door prize is $1000 OMG ..... can u spell

    M O D S !!!!
  8. QUOTE (stsltd @ Jan 16 2008, 01:19 PM)
    So - anybody coming down from the mid-Atlantic states? - Wondering if I feel a road trip coming on? Weather permiting of course - sure sounds like a good time....QUOTE

    Absolutly ...

    last year with 20 GT500's and 3-4 SHELBY GT's .... it was a incredible event. Thanks to the people who showed up and thanks to all the vendors are helping out in a big way!!

    This year we have 3 times the vendor support...

    FoMoCo is sending tons of GT500/ SHELBYGTposters .... tons of hats ... and glasses ... ( glasses ??? ahhh as in eye glasses ??? WAIT ... now i got it ... drinking glasses !!!! ) ... EVO gave us the single largest door prize .... WOW ... THANKS FRED .... Justin has been a HUGE help as always with his dyno machine and his donation which is INCREDIBLE too .... He's also bringing some GT500 parts to show off .... Stillen is sending a really beautiful 4 way afjustable sway bar .. thanks Page .... SHELBY PERFORMANCE is sending lots of neat stuff too ... JLT PERF are sending multiple gift certificates thanks Jay ... and Jared of LETHAL is donating some great stuff as well and will be there in person with his GT500 and a bunch of GT500/SHELBYGT parts !! !!

    All in all we are way over $2000 in free give aways for this years event ... So even if your from GA ... or AL .. or further North its worth a 12 hour drive on Saturday the 23rd of Feb ....to be at the show on the 24th of Feb !!!

    those SHELBYGT's or SHELBYGT500's
    e-mail me at

    [email protected]
  9. We now have 35 confirmed cars and 7 on the fence !!! ... We GT500's and SHELBYGT's coming from all over the place.

    Have a car coming from maryland and about 4-7 coming from GA .... Possibly dependent on weather .. cars from Ohio and North Carolina !!!

    This is no longer a Florida event .. its a NATIONAL EVENT

    Anyone has questions e-mail me at:

    [email protected]
  10. To All Attendees

    Show will start about 10 am ... 02/24/2008 .. and close down late late afternoon. Its being held in Oviedo Florida ( Orlando )

    Sign up will be from 10am to 12pm .... Free hats and posters will be handed out at the sign in desk compliments of FoMoCo. After you sign in we will have wash stations available but since we are having so many cars we will also have directions on the final e-mail ... the locations of do it yourself car washes nearby. After your car is clean, you'll park it and get it ready for the car show.

    Justin of VMP tuning will also be set up ready to accept any and all who want there car dynoed and or tuned if time permits. Dynoing a car is quicker than tuning it ... tuning takes time which I am not sure if he will have that luxury ...

    We will have food and drinks catered from Sonnys Barbecue so get your appetite in high gear !!

    The car show will begin right after lunch ... numerous awards will be given out for different categories. We all vote and the voting will be explained at the Show.

    We will close by awarding all the car awards and the free gifts and parts that have been generously donated by the following vendors: bowdown.gif

    FoMoCo, Ford Credit, Evolution, VMP Tuning , JLT Perf, Stillen Perf, Lethal Perf, Shelby Perf, Stillen and a new sponser ... Lamotta Perforamce .... out of Longwood .. Thanks Jake !!

    This year we will have several of the vendors bringing trailers to display there products at the show ... you will see all the neat stuff that you can put on your SHELBY to make it go and look faster

    Also Sharon and Robert of TEAM SHELBY should be there and we are expecting a mystery guest that I cant name but this person is alone worth the trip down.

    Through a friend of mine who is also on the forum, he knows Mark Fields of FoMoCo and is asking him to come to our event ! ... He owns a GT500 and has a house on the East Coast of Florida Hell while I am at .. might as well ask Bill and Edsel toooo hysterical2.gif

    Paying for the event is as Follows:

    $20 per person .... all payments need to be sent to and payable to

    Don Donelson
    1908 S McCall Rd
    Englewood, Fl 34223

    or paypal at

    [email protected]

    Very important when you pay to list your name .. your cell # ... your screen name .... how many will be in your party and what type of car do you own .. vert/coupe .... ShelbyGT500 or ShelbyGT

    I am finalizing the "Yes I am attending list" and will be e-mailing everyone specific directions .... the address ... phone numbers ... and the itinerary of the days events !!

    This is the most specific e-mail to date and I will be refreshing all the threads

    PLEASE LOOK IN TEAM SHELBY FOR THE NEW FORUM ( AT THE BOTTOM OF THE THIS PAGE ) UNDER SHELBY FLORIDA ..... this will allow you to find find our posts quicker happy feet.gif

    Anyone that has any questions can contact me via PM or e-mail at

    [email protected] or call 941-475-5444

    A new tally of confirmed cars will be out in the next few days but it should be over 50 cars happy feet.gif happy feet.gif

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  11. Glad to be a sponcer of such a cool event.
    Wish I was closer

  12. Jay .... we are close to 70 cars coming down for the event. Might even have one of the major mustang magazines there as well .. this event is getting HUGE !!:nice: