Flowmaster 1 chamber

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by silverlx5.0, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I am trying to find out how thw 1 chamber flows sound, I got spintechs now but want something louder, can someone tell me the sound clip website, I can't remember what it is. Thanks

  2. Loud. Very Loud
  3. I currently have them with my Bassani X-pipe.... I personally think they'd sound alot better with an O/R H-pipe (I'm switching soon)... but they are very loud as is.... I just want to make sure I set of EVERY alarm in the parking lot!
  4. yeah i think your looking for teh mustangexhaust website..but the 2 they have are on 4.6 engines and one sounds real cool but doesnt sound like a street stang. so they wont help much
  5. SRsnake....that sound clip is of a 4.6 02 mustang..thats not from a 5.0
  6. My bad. I saved it off of the internet a while ago and thought that it was a 5.0. Sorry
  7. by one chamber flows, you guys are referring to the 10series(summit lists them as 10series, never seen the 10series listed elsewhere..they usually just put "one chamber delta flow" racing muffler or whatever on other sites/catalogs) flowmaster? If so, I imagine those small mufflers would be loud as hell on a stang...from that clip you can't tell it's real loud, but I imagine it's loud and sounds mean as hell in person :D Any of you guys have a soundclip of a stang(4.6 or 5.0) w/ the 30series(three chamber) mufflers? I've heard other cars that sound badass w/ the 30series, they seem deeper than most other flowmasters from what I've seen.
  8. you dont like your spintechs? im going from mac's to spintechs now hehe :)

    i got the spintech pro-streets
  9. i could be wrong here but lemme guess, your pretty close to stock huh? not to be a D!CK but the 1 chambers are for RACE CARS and should be used as such :notnice: i think my car is too loud with MAC flow paths and im running a Pro Chamber and this quiets it down quite a bit too :shrug: hell maybe im getting old or something
  10. That's what a few people told me about putting the Dynomax Bullets on my car...but oh well, it's loud...I'm happy. :D