Flowmaster 50's

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  1. i've posted this elsewhere, but i'll ask here too since the loudness of the flowmasters has been brought up... i'm going next week to get an estimate for a true dual setup + h-pipe, 2.5" tips, and i'm thinking about the flowmaster 50's instead of 40's. has anyone heard these or knows the real difference between the 2? i don't want a roaring car—i want the dual setup mainly for aesthetics, but i'd like a nice tone as well, and from what i read on the flowmaster site the 50's have the same tone, just not quite as loud. also, how much of a pain in the ass is it going to be if i decided to put on headers later, rather than just get them now? i've having meineke quote me a price... anyone have any idea of what would be too high or what the difference in price between the 40s and 50s are gonna run?
  2. sorry i havent heard them
  3. Dual Exhaust

    I'm considering mounting a pair of GT take-offs from the Cats Back w/an 'H' pipe added for better tone and back pressure equalization.
    I'd love to get some feedback on that before taking the plunge. :banana:
  4. Im getting my dual soon too and its gonna have x-pipe, 2.5" tubing, and 40 series delta flow. As the tech person explained to me there is more than one type of muffler in the 40 series flowmaster. Standard, Super, and Delta Flows. The Standard is the loudest, both inside and outside. The Delta Flows have less inside resonance thats y im going with those. Check out this website for more info:

  5. I have Flowmaster 50's on my '67 and I love them, but with the old cars you kinda gotta go quieter because they don't have as much sound protection all over the car.
  6. thanks, folks.