flowmaster american thunder axle back?

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  1. oh well, ill see how i like the MAC. if i dont, then ill sell the kit on ebay and go with the flowmasters.
  2. like i said above.......


    under $290 shipped!!!!

    the site you linked say well over $300 ($336.04) i think mine came to $286.34 (and that was a year ago, when the price was a few $$ more
  3. **UPDATE**
    I just went to go place my order with summit and got this msg: This part is temporarily out of stock, but you can order it now. Tentative ship date: 4/25/2006, if your order is placed today.

    You're totally right bigcat about summit! I was originally refering to the single Flowmaster AT (Part#17421) not the duals, but summit kicks butt on prices for that as well -- $30 cheaper than ninosports and $20 cheaper than justflowmasters.

  4. Just emailed justflowmasters.com and they have the single AT for the v6 in stock and are willing to price match summit. Here was their reply:

    Since Summit has a 9.50 handling charge we would give you a price of 182.89.
    Their free shipping is not free shipping and ours is.

    Roger Flint
    Full Line Exhaust
  5. I received my American Thunder v6 axle-back today from justflowmasters.com and it's already installed ... I LIKE IT! Even for a single it's makes a pretty huge sound, not a v8 sound by any stretch but a major improvement over stock.

    Now I'm thinking JBA headers for some more horses ...

  6. Glad you like it man. I love mine. How about some clips.