flowmaster exhuast

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  1. hey yall, i got the flomaster force 2 exhuast and im looking to change out the mufflers maybe to 40s or 44s. i have no idea wich mufflers come with the force 2s but there weak especially around 2000 rpm i cant even hear them. any advise on mufflers would be appreciated. im also running stock intake (cold air caused poping in the intake manifold).
  2. Give a listen, maybe these are more of what you want- still Flowmasters~
    YouTube - Mustang V6 Flowmaster 10 Series Single Chamber
  3. I believe the Flowmaster Force 2 system utilizes the Deltaflow 60 Series mufflers. Other options more aggressive sounding would be the FM 44's, 40, Original 40's, and 10's. Or look at several other companies that all provide "chambered mufflers", almost everyone makes one to suite the Mustang.
  4. I have the super 44's and i love how they sound, only drawback with them is the high rpm sounds which get a little ricey, but thats just what happens with any v6 mustang exhaust. What kind of midpipe did that come with, or does the force two just bolt on to the stock ypipe?