Flowmaster Super 40

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by 120rir, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. I know there's been loads of info. put on this site about Flowmaster series mufflers (and other exhaust mods) but it's way too much for a non-gearhead like me to interpret. So....I've heard the Flowmaster Super 40 will do a nice job of deepening the sound of the V6 and giving it a bit more of that good old American car rumble. Has anyone installed this muffler on a V6 yet? Any problems I should know about?
  2. i have had flowmasters on my other cars/trucks and they are good but they also let alot of noise into the cockpit area. so if you want more noise inside also go for it.
  3. I've got twin flowmaster 40's on my 6. They sound really nice in my opinion, and seem to open up the top end a bit. They are however noticeably louder in the cockpit at around 2300 RPM, being a chambered muffler.
  4. I want to add some kind of muffler to my 6, to get a deeper, throatier growl out of it (I don't really care about getting a performance increase), but I know my wife would complain about it if it made things that much louder inside the car.

    I probably wouldn't go with a Flowmaster just because of that reason for myself, but I know it would sound a lot better than the stock muffler.
  5. replace the mid pipe with an offroad h or x pipe... then you'll be loud
  6. Based on some discussions and listening to the Flowmaster web site sound clips, I'm thinking about the Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow. It's not terribly loud but it does seem to have more of that deep rumble I'm after. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some schmuck trying to make my V6 look or sound like a GT but I would like a more "American" sound to the engine (saw some dope with his V6 decked out like a GT the other day...including the GT logos! If you want a GT just buy it, don't try to make the 6 something it ain't).

  7. LOL!! My friend 120rir.. Please do not try to appease GT owners with statements like this..

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not some schmuck trying to make my V6 look or sound like a GT

    It is a fruitless effort.. A GT owner would proudly smash you in front of an audience.. Then laugh at your mis-fortune..

    No my friend, treat a GT owner as a person whose money has been wasted, and your going to show them what a foolish mistake they have made.. LOL!!

    All kidding aside, money is never wasted on a Mustang!! Not even on a GT!!