Flowmaster vs Magnaflow mufflers

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  1. I dont know if this car is for a daily driver or a weekend warrior, but the guy wants a quieter exhaust and obviously magnaflow is the best choice since its quieter, but still sounds aggressive. The PO of my car installed flowmasters (dont know what model) and they are louder than sin and have an annoying drone. I drive this car frequently, but not as a daily driver. Sometimes I have to make 300 mile trips and when I get to my destination I have a hard time hearing anything. Flows might be great for those who like hearing loss or can stand it if they dont drive very often but want a loud and mean sound.

  2. Never seen that before. What I found interesting was the Flowtech Warlock had about 10hp more than other mufflers at 3250rpm. Too bad that was with the pipes open
  3. I would like to hear your car. I have Flows on mine so it gives us an excuse to meet up. Maybe we could meet up in Folkston or somewhere. My 3.80's an C4 makes for slow, short driving.
  4. I have a 5.0L with heads, 270 cam, EFI, Headman shorties and 2 1/2" all the way. I have the Dynomax Super Turbos, but I have friends that have both the Flowmaster, and Magnaflow. Both now want to switch to what I have. They sound so stout and loud at idle, and at WOT just rediculous.

    Just my two cents.
  5. So im still waiting for a GOOD sounding car with a Magnaflow exhaust:shrug:

    According to that muffler comparison, i'll give up the 3 HP if that the difference between Flowmaster and Magna flow for BETTER sounding exhaust.:nice:
  6. Now, is everyone using the "big" Magnaflow mufflers or the bullet style?
  7. I like the Magnaflows on my mild 289. Was going to get the Flows but got talked into Magna's. Here is a clip under flow throttle.. Oh at highway speeds there is no drone like the Flowmaster's..I can honestly say i have no regrets and would buy them again. I also have a x-pipe w/ turndowns behind the rear valance.

    Mustang 65 vs Mustang 2007 - Putfile.com
  8. i don't think i've ever heard a drone before... anyone got a clip!:D
  9. I like my magnaflows(2.5 W/X pipe & JBA full lengths), They are loud enough for me but my engine is a 347 with bumped up compression from a stock 302. People still hear me coming from around the block & they are polished stainless to boot. I also like the sounds from the 3" pipes/super turbo mufflers/big block though.

    I had an 89 lx with shorties, mac cat H & flowmasters 3 chamber, sounded good too but did drone on the highway more so than the magnaflows. tolerable but there all the time in the old vert.
  10. Flowmaster 50's clip

    It all comes down to preference... in my opinion, they both sound great. Just different...

    Here is a clip from a dyno a couple of years ago (you may want to click on the short version):

    Dyno video clip

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  11. I personally think straight-thru mufflers sound terrible.

    even on race cars you get that popping at idle and the flapping paper sound on a rev.

    BTW, that dyno test was from Anderson Ford Motorsport on a stroker with no cats.

    If you don't like the drone of flowmasters but still want the quality of that idle get spintech sportsmans. Its a milder flowmaster without all the drone (I won't lie, it still does at 1800 but no where near flowmasters) and is very quiet cruising. At WOT, it is as loud if not a little louder than flowmasters :D

    heres mine with turndowns:

  12. SPINTECH!!!!!
  13. I want some Spintech Prostreets ....... or NASCAR style Dr. Gas side exit.
  14. is that why my Borla pops like crazy when coasting:shrug:
  15. After getting quite a laugh from reading this thread, I'll throw in my .02. First, I have the 2.5" Magnaflows with X-over and 1 /34 long tube headers. It's a little loud for my taste. As for the comments about them being too quiet, I can only conclude the subject was a near stock 5.0 with cats.

    With relatively hi compression (over 10 to 1) and 408 cubes, mine are loud! When I start the car in the garage the whole house reverberates. All who have commented love the sound. Perhaps they're just being polite. I'm gonna have to go shopping for a new toy to record a video with sound clip.

    I like to go on long trips and I'd rather hear my tunes than my engine after about 2 minutes. I'm thinking about ripping the entire interior out to install Dynamat everywhere I possibly can. I may also wrap the mufflers and exhaust pipe with something to dampen the sound. If that's not enough, then I 'll replace the mufflers with the Hooker Max Flows. That would be a last resort, because I love the looks of the polished stainless Magnaflows, and they're easy to see installed.
  16. I started out with Magnaflow muffs for the 69 (408, full headers, x pipe) and initially enjoyed them. At high RPM they sounded amazing but around town, only decent for my tastes. I switched back to Flows (already had them on my 5.0 and expedition) and just love the bark. Flowmasters for me.
  17. X-Pipe On Exhaust

    Does anyone know if an x-pipe reduces drone at highway cruising speeds?
  18. I just thought I would chime in again.

    I really used to be a fan of Flowmaster, but I have given up on them. Also all the kids have them because it makes their cars sound more powerful than they actually are. Its just an exagerated exhaust note. I think chambered mufflers are a joke. They sound hollow like a tin can.

    I got rid of the Flowmasters. I got sick and tired of them The drone on the highway at about 2k rpm in 5th gear was just getting on my nerves and is even worse with the windows up. Since the weather has gotten cooler, I have driven my car more with the windows up and can't stand it anymore. They are just annoying.

    I have Dynomax UltraFlo Welded now. They are straight through and sound perfect for my car. It seems to run better as well. They are stainless and have a lifetime warranty. Magnaflow offers a lifetime warranty as well. Flowmaster does not offer the same.

    Dynomax Performance Exhaust | Mufflers | Ultra Flo Welded Mufflers

    I put a Magnaflow on my 95 F150 and it sounds nice a mellow now.

    I would go with a straight through muffler or a turbo muffler. I would rather have a glass pack than a chambered muffler.
  19. Now we are starting to make some sense !