Flowmaster vs Magnaflow mufflers

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  1. i gotta chime in also : ).

    when most people talk about drone on flows they are thinking of 40's or Super 40's cmon they're the loudest muffler they make other than cherry bombs!!

    Here is a video of my car with super 40's i'll make a new vid with the delta 50's but omg the differene is day and night and they're still flows.

    YouTube - Mustang Drive By

    if you want a quiet exhaust note then don't get Super 40's or 40's that just wouldn't make a lick of sense. if you want that glass pack sound.. go for it i guess

    i switched from stock, to spintec, to flow 40's with no tail pipes, Super 40's no tail pipes, then added tail pipes, then put in the 392 then i got 50's and mandrel bent summit 2.5" pipe. i'm most happy with the 50's. the spintecs in my opinion were crap.

    my opinion: straight through and glasspack mufflers sound cheap, get mienike or midas mufflers if you want cheap sounding or quiet exhaust. otherwise i prefer the sound of a flowmaster, and i know it will never get me the 5 extra HP i crave every day, but i think the car is still a whole hellll of a lot of fun without it.

    btw i've never had to buy new flowmasters because mine 'broke' or whatever. i've had flowmasters for years swapping on different cars etc.
  2. I put magnaflows on my 68, and have decided that they are the sound for me from now on, and will probably go on all my built motors.

    This is my 68 with the MF's

    gracecar013.flv video by woodsnake4462838 - Photobucket

    This is my 69. 351W, comp cam, 2 inch pipe with purple hornies. Too loud for me, around town, and at WOT.
    The cool factor wears off really fast when your ears are bleeding...

    ForStewart068-1.flv video by woodsnake4462838 - Photobucket

    This is my 67. stock 302, 2 1/2 inch pipe, with plain old glass packs. I like the sound of glass packs, always have, always will. If you can get past my stupid narrative, you can hear what the car sounds like idling.

    ForStewart708.flv video by woodsnake4462838 - Photobucket

    Ultimately, it is personal choice, but I like the MF's better over all.
  3. Woodsnake the Magnaflow sounds great. Are you running an X-Pipe?
  4. 2 1/2 inch pipe with a "H"...
    The engine is a .030 over 289 with the performer RPM cam, .496/.520.
  5. sounds great woodsnake.

    i'm leaning towards a change to magna flows - the flowmaster drone is wearing me out
  6. I just put magnaflows on my 68 Fastback. I haven't started the motor yet but i am hoping they sound good Just need to do a couple more things before i can start the motor.
    Just listened to those sound clips and i didn't like the sound at all, **** i hope mine sounds good.
  7. Anyone have a sound clip of a 460 or bigger motor with an xpipe with magnaflows dumped?
  8. Turndowns or dumps sound like a broken exhaust system if you ask me.

    I have heard glasspacks dumped several times and that sounded horrible. I have only heard Magnaflows dumped once that I know of on a late model Mustang and it did not sound good either.

    If you like the look of not having visible tail pipes, then just tuck them up where they can't be seen and turn them down behind the valance.
  9. if you can even get them past the rear axle and suspension

    @tx65, I'd love to have rear exits, but getting around a 3-link rear suspension is going to take an exhaust expert and some non-round tubes. And no, I don't want side exits. Currently, my Magnaflows are taking a dump, as they say. :D No other way to do it right now . . .
  10. i hate tailpipes and there is no way to do them on my 68 Fastback with my 4 link. I love the sound of my dumps on my 95GT but it has Flowmasters on it so i am wondering what magnaflows sound like dumped. I like the deep bassy sound.
  11. You can get exhaust pipe through/by most 3 or 4 link setups I've seen. I've even seen the pipe routed under the axle which ends up being ok because the axle doesn't have enough travel a lot of the time to interfere with the pipe. It does look funny tho.
  12. I would think there would be a way to get rear exits done even with that setup. Personally, I would rather have side exit than dumps. I kinda like the Shelby style side exit, and actually almost went that route.

    This is the one I am talking about, not that Eleanor stuff. I would have gotten the 2.5 inch kit. This is the 2 inch kit, because they don't have a picture of the 2.5.

    2 DUAL SIDE EXHAUST KIT SEE NOTES 1965-1970 - CJ Pony Parts, Inc.

    Dumps are not legal on cars and generally won't pass inspection, because the exhaust is not exiting past the cabin of the vehicle. The exhaust fumes can enter the car, so it is a bad idea to run dumps/turndowns on a car. Its ok to do it on a truck since its under the bed.

    Why do you hate tailpipes? Thats the way they are meant to be.
  13. when i had turndowns at the muffler it was right at the back axle. but i agree that entering the cabin is bad.
  14. Just got home from an hour plus ride on the freeway with dumped 2 chambers and 3.80's and no overdrive. WHAAA!!!!! I think my ears are bleeding......

    Come on Magnaflows and tailpipes. Also guess I should get that AOD in that I have sitting in the corner.
  15. I have dumps on my 95GT and i have never smelled exhuast inside the cabin
  16. At first, I honestly wasn't crazy about my MF's. However, after about a half hour, I knew I had made the right decision....
  17. What changed your mind after 30 minutes?
  18. You'll love having the AOD.

    Did you order Magnaflows, or are you just planning on changing?
  19. I just had to get used to them. Sound clips on the internet, or TV commercials don't convey the actual sound that well.
    As I drove around town, and heard them going thru the gears, I really got a chance to appreciate the sound they make.