Flowmaster vs Magnaflow mufflers

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by SadbutTrue, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Just planning to change. I think I will be getting the Magnapacks as I like loud exhaust. My straight pipe were suprisingly quite at cruising rpms. I just hate the sound of tailpipes on flowmasters. I think it sounds like a farm truck.
  2. If you like loud exhaust, you would probably like the Dynomax Bullets.

    Thats funny you say that about the Flowmaster. I think Flowmaster with dumps sounds like a dump/garbage truck. LOL...

    Did you decide for sure where you are going to bring your tailpipes out?
  3. yea. i think whatever you like now, give it 5 years of driving it and you'll like it with tailpipes anyway : ).
  4. I have a 95GT and i've had flowmasters dumped for 6 years and i love the sound. I am hoping my Fastback is kind of the same with the Magnaflows.
  5. Just got the Magnaflow bullet style mufflers!! They look like they will be nice and loud.

    Still going to run the tail pipe out the back. Saw a Ford Falcon on tv (Love the Beast) last night with plain black tips ran through the bottom of the valance that looked cool. Might do that.
  6. i think i got 13 inch magnaflows, i hope they are loud enough for me to enjoy but quiet enough for the cops to not care. lol
  7. P1040220.jpg
    You guys think it'll be loud?
  8. That looks like a nice fit. Are those dumps exiting just under the axle, or do the go up and over top of it? Its hard to tell. I think it will sound good, better than Flows.
  9. I have a 2.5" setup, x-pipe and 40s on my built 351c and it is insane. I dont know how my neighbors stand it and my gf can hear me coming home .25 mile off. When it was closer to stock it sounded decent. Now it's too much. So I'll second the "whole meaner than it is" idea with 40s.

    I'll be switching to mf in the near future. Hopefully my hearing will hold up till then.
  10. Yeah its dumped, its not directly pointing to the ground but out to the sides slightly
  11. this thread is getting old............most who like LOUD exhaust are probably under 40, I used to like it loud and sometimes still do and my borlas sound like a nascar at WOT but as I get older I wanted the best of both worlds so I got some frpp dual mode mufflers for my 500hp 408, they have a spring loaded trap door inside of them so just driving around and cruising they are pretty quiet like a quiet turbo muffler but when you punch it the trap doors open and they go to straight thru mode. No drone at cruise, quiet idle, quiet around town but LOUD when you punch it.
  12. My dads 98 Cobra drag car is so loud in the garage you have to wear earplugs. Hes 67 in a couple of months. His best friend also has a super loud Mustang. i think its personal perference not age.
  13. when your 67 your hearing is usually a bit impared so you may need loud muffs to hear your car........:)
  14. haha
  15. Sounds like we have a similar setup. Where did you get a "dual mode" muffler, pray tell? That sounds interesting.