Flowmaster VS Magnaflow

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  1. sorry to revive an old thread...and this doesnt really retain to a flow vs mag debate...BUt i didt want to start another exhaust thread...
    Can someone explain to me how...If i were to cut out the stock muffler and weld in a flowmaster for like 80.00 tops. How it would sound worse then a catback from like MAC or something,probably wouldnt lok as cool but sound.perfomance wise it would be the same. maybe a little louder because lack of another muffler to resontate down...
  2. One flow on a stock system sounds horrible. Don't even bother.
  3. it cant be too bad...I dont htink i will mod this v6 at all..just going to buy some new smoked headlights,and call it a day...i dont feal like putting 400.00 into exhaust for a v6..
  4. I have a GT take-off system (2.25") with h-pipe, and I recently chose and installed Flowmaster 40 Series Deltaflows after listening to several audio clips at different websites, including the manufacturers. I just preferred the overall sound of the Flowmasters.... it's all personal preference anyway. I'm very happy with the results.:nice:
  5. offroad pipes are better for turbo, SC, or NOS applications.....or any car that makes a lot of N/A HP can use a offroad pipe with a 3inch exhaust then it helps but most cars using 2.5 is more then enough and a offroad pipe will help barely until more power....it will make a lot of sound difference tho regardless
  6. If you don't plan on keeping that V6, adding dual exhaust will be a good selling point regardless. The person who puchased my 96 told me that he specifically looked for a V6 Mustang with dual exhaust when he was browsing ads.

    Do some bargain hunting for your catback exhaust. My first setup on my 96 was 100 bucks. I found a complete GT Take Off from another mustang owner who wanted it out of his garage. Paid a hole-in-the-wall muffler shop 100 to install it. Wasn't loud enough for me so I added two flowmaster delta 40's which run me $80 for both and $50 to have installed.
  7. I bought Flowmaster dual exhaust for my 00' V6 w/ a y-pipe.. big mistake. I dont really like the sound too much, it didnt give me a much deeper tone and sorta sounded a little ricey.:nonono: i was quite dissappointed because i read great reviews about the system online. I took the exhaust off and am running without mufflers now, and i think it sounds great. waste of $400 to find that out though. I dont know if that helps, but i wouldnt go with flowmaster 40 series y-pipe.. I would recommend gettting an X or H pipe, and getting true duals or GT take-offs.
  8. You didn't give them a chance, flowmasters get better with age. Mine sounded a little ricey for the first month, but has a good deep tone now after a year.

    Running true duals or no mufflers tends to throw the check engine light. And no mufflers sounds like the trash truck that empties our school trash dumpsters.

    GT Take Offs is a good start point for upgrading to better mufflers.

    X or H is always good.
  9. why? i have never heard of that. anything thats not 2 pipes into 1 is true duals.

    on the muffler side, magnaflow has a new one out called the xl turbo, it has 3 equal sized chambers with offsetting outlets, and there is a tube running from each outlet to the middle chamber, and each tube is perforated like a normal magnaflow muffler. supposed to sound killer