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  1. I just installed a set of Flowmaster American Thunder Classic axle backs on my '12 GT........Phenomenal difference! The car truly sounds like it should now. I've been searching for, and reviewing just about every axle back setup out there. I had the Flowmasters at the front of my list the whole time, but had to give the others a looking over. Finally, I came back to the FM's, and I couldn't be happier! They almost make it seem as though you're in another car all together. The stock mufflers really are POS's......

    Anyone else out there have these axle backs?
  2. Yeah! I installed the FlowMaster American Thunder Axle Back on my 2014 GT and they sound GREAT!! I had the same kit on my 2012 GT as you are running...The 2014 version uses Super 44 mufflers vs 40 Series on the 2012 Axle back, and they are a bit more aggressive and really pop on deceleration, which I like...I have ONLY had Flowmasters on all my Mustangs...
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  3. I have the American Thunder Axle Back as well, they sound good when you get in to it, but at low rpm driving (city driving), it has a low drone that sometimes matches the bass level of my music lol, that gets annoying.