Flows for my 89 LX 2.3L

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  1. Would it be worth it to put dual flowmasters on my ride.. i mean will it give it a nice quality mustang sound. or will it sound the same??
  2. You are wasting your time: Your car has 4 cylinders, own this or get a V8 car, its gonna feel real silly sittin at the stoplight sounding like a small displacement V8, then getting your doors blown off by the real V8 car in the next lane over when the light turns green. :owned: It's really gonna bother you when you think about how much money you spent on dual exhaust versus a good single exhaust. :mad: :( :nonono:

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    If we are running 4s why do we want to sound like V8s?
  3. I can tell you from first hand experience that dual flows with an otherwise stock exhaust sound...well, not that great, at least I didn't think so. Do a single cat-back with a 40 series. You'll love it.
  4. I also run a single with a 2 chamber 40 series. The sound works for me!

    and in response to freakintiger:
    why not? who doesnt want a good sounding car....
  5. well , i'm thinking of going duals with some 03 GT stock mufflers. Good dead sound and wont get raspy. Gonna buy an svo y pipe off one of the members here. I think it will sound good with some 2.1/4 pipes

  6. Dead sound is right...it'll probably be quieter than your stock exhaust.

    Oh yeah, and an SVo Y-pipe won't fit your car "out of the box." It has to be modified here and there.
  7. He never said anything about duals. Why would anyone put duals on a wussy stang?

    Cut off the stock muffler, and put a Flowmaster 2-1/4" in its place. Might take some ghetto rigging to bolt up to the stock pipe. Then find a set of LX 5.0 tailpipes for cheap from some V8 guy that just upgraded to 2-1/2" exhaust, and put the correct one on the muffler. It will probably require a muffler shop to do that because of the weird bend and the last guy may have cut it real short.

    That will sound a bit louder and better than stock, but the really awesome exhaust tone is after replacing the whole exhaust with 2-1/4" pipe and a single cat. A Ranger header makes it a bit more throaty. To me, when I nail the gas at a moderate RPM the car sounds like a whole lot of spooks going by (don't know how else to describe lol), and gradually turns to a rumble at higher RPM.
  8. His whole question is about duals. not dual chamber but a y slpit dual system. I have one on my car y pipe, dual chamber 2.5 in pipe 40 series flows. it sucks. But it looks a hell of a lot better than a single pipe. Plus I dont care how fast it is in the N/A form.
  9. werd. Yea I think dual exaust looks a hell of alot better than a single exaust. I'm going with stock Muffs because I dont want a raspy sound. What year ranger header do I need to look for? And what mods need to be done to the svo pipe? Thanks!

  10. Because you won't have the muscle to back it up. Just own the fact that you are running a hopped up 4 and quit trying to act like you have a V8 under the hood.
    I'm not saying you can't have a great running, maxed out 4, a 4 that can kill some V6s(I'M ONLY SPEAKING FOR N/A CARS TURBO GUYS). Sure, sound good, but why make an end out of sounding like you have a V8? If that's the case, leave your car bone stock, and save every dime you can towards dumping a V8 in the car(WHICH GUYS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR CENTURIES, SINCE THE DAWN OF THE AUTOMOBILE).

    When I was in junior high, they called this being a "poser".

    ARE YOU A POSER? :shrug:
  11. oops he did say duals... sorry. Well if you want sound and performance, SINGLE flowmaster is the way to go...
  12. no actually I'm not cause I have the turbo to back it up but still i dont see anything wrong with making your car sound good... not everyone is out to race therefore you dont need the "muscle to back it up", just knowing that your car sounds the way you want it to is good enough for me...

    to each his own... if you wanna put ground effects on a slow car, good for you... if you wanna put a loud eshaust on a slow car, good for you... if you wanna turbo you car, good for you... a car enthusiast is someone who wants to impove the quality/apperance of thier automobile.... what they want to do to it is up to them... not you. again I say to each their own.....
  13. To each their own, but there's nothing wrong with letting people know that what they are trying to do is going to make them look gay.
  14. I guess I must be a poser then ? eh .. this is stupid.

    91 2.3, ranger header, no cat, to y-pipe, to dual dynomax mufs, to dual LX tails.

    Now, what about the above makes my car, or myself for that matter a poser? I bought my 4cyl, because I like the fox body look, and i needed a car that gets me to work and back everyday, and that saves me tons o' cash, at the pumps. I don't sit at lights and stupidly bounce my car off the rev limiter, hoping to intimidate people, that is not what it is for. bah ... this place is going to hell ....

    Since when is modifying your car (in the way that you want to) shunned upon? Oh, and it's not like we are " ricing " up our cars, why not have nice dual pipes out the back like the 5.0? It's the same body style, and it looks better that the stupid little banana pipe pocking its way out from underneath the back of the car.
  15. ok thanks.. What i really meant was what would be the best choice for me.. what would give me the best sound?? the single cat back with a 40 series and 2 1-4 pipe?? i just think duals look better stickin out the back rahter than 1.. someone just tell me the BEST CHOICE for me please.. thanks

    or could i get the single cat-back with the 40 series and a y pipe?
  16. Agreed, to each his own, but I think that duals on a 4 is like sticking a hoodscoop(you know the ones, you DONT cut a hole in the hood and you use double sided tape to attach it)on your hood because it looks cool.

    But whatever.

    ...or like posting on the V8 forums when you're cruisin a 4 banger...nobody'll know...

    ...but you will. :(


  18. Dude let it be, you're the only one that cares who has what on their car. Nobody said anything about soundling like a V8.

    Anywho, I just put a single 2.5 dynomax muffler on my car, and I like it.
  19. If you put dual MUFFLERS on your car, while the engine doesn't have the power to put a large amount of exhaust pressure through them, then the sound won't be right. If you make your won catback with ONE muffler moves a little to the front, so you have room to split the output between dual TAILPIPES, then it should sound and look good. Personally, I only have one because it doesn't look any worse than the dua;s especially considering it is the "proper" setup for a small displacement engine.
  20. :lol::lol::lol: Feeling insignificant? :p

    It's hilarious how someone with a 4 banger insists that when they mod the piss out of it, it means the damn thing is superior to a bigger engine that isn't tuned up so much. Then when you go to remind them that if BOTH engines had a turbo then the bigger one would be the way to go, they say that doesn't count because the V8 didn't have a turbo from the factory. Then when you inform them that comparing the 2.3 Turbo and 5.0 both in factory trim, the 5.0 had more power, it STILL doesn't end there...

    I mean the 2.3 is a good motor but for petes sake.