Flows for my 89 LX 2.3L

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  1. HMMMMM I thought I heard of some N/A cars coming pretty close to taking on V8's. Talk to Crovax, and Woodster. And I know some torbofords that cant come close to a V8 YET.

    I am going to take a side on this one and go with Zero. I drive way to far to work and back to be stupid with my gas mileage. I am doing a turboswap myself and am looking for the 300hp area but that dont mean that I am going to be in the boost all day long either.

    My Duals Look good, They sound good, they make my car look like a 5.0 yes, But when I pull to the light I don't antagonize the other drivers "Like a Ricer" to race me. If they want to feel superior then let them spin a wheel (2 if they have posi) and let them get that racing ticket in the city limits.

    I expect to be blasted on this but you should know me by now also I come back. I do pick on Crovax for 1 muffler but that is his taste, and mine is duals I dont consider myself as a Poser either or a follower. I do what I like and what is good for my car and my check book.

    The N/A car can be a competitor but it does cost a lot of money don't count out the little man, and don't forget where 99% of us came from N/A.
  2. Most of us are in college/school/etc. and are doing what we can with what we've got. :nice:
  3. damn you guys like hella changed the subject. this is my first car.. im 17.. i know its a weeniepop 2.3L but i just want a nice sound to it.. so is the single cat back with a 40 series and 2 1-4 pipe my best bet or what?

    wtf is a single cat back?
  4. The exhaust setup I am looking to use on my Mustang is as follows:

    - Full 2.25" exhaust line
    - No Cats
    - 40 series flowmaster*
    - Run a y-pipe after the muffler. (This way, I will have the dual look without using two mufflers. I don't understand why any 2.3 guy would want two mufflers. Like Ray III has already intelligently stated in this thread we have small displacement engines that can not put large amounts of exhaust flow through the mufflers. All having two mufflers is going to do is increase your cost and decrease your power, doesn't make sense at all to me.)
    - Dual Outlet resonator tips (Resonators give more of a throaty sound, and I like the dual outlet look)

    Wait......listen.....can you hear that? Yes, that's me staying on topic and trying to help out the guy that began this thread, not polluting it with useless argumentation.
  5. With an otherwise stock setup, yes that is your best bet. I had mine like that for a couple years... single 2 1/4" pipe, 40 series flowmaster, and a 3.5" diameter, 18" long slash cut chrome tip. It sounded pretty damn good.

    And a single cat-back is just that....a single cat back. Take off the stock setup and directly replace it, basically.

  6. I only added the part about the turbo cars, so I would'nt be barraged with a bunch of "but what about" or "my turbo car" comments.

    For clarification: I HAVE NO INTENTION OF PUTTING ON A TURBO(NO OFFENSE TO TURBO GUYS, I THINK TURBOS ARE GREAT, SEE BOTTOM ). I feel challenged(SINCE THIS IS THE CAR I NOW OWN) to use all the tricks I have learned over the past 11 years to wring all the power I can out of this engine. I will be porting and polishing a head this summer, etc. After I implement all aspects of my plan(including a C4 trans) I expect to have an engine with some ZIP, I have no delusions about the power level I will achieve(WITHIN MY BUDGET, WE ALL WOULD HAVE BADDER ,NOT NECESSARILY BIGGER ENGINES, IF WE HAD THE BANK FOR IT) :D .

    Anyway if I had my way(financially) I'd be driving a TWIN-TURBO 427 stroker with all the goodies. And it would'nt be in a 'stang either.

  7. "useless argumentation" adds spice to stangnet. :D

    Seems to me without the debating, interacting, griping, crying,etc., stangnet would read about as interesting as a CHILTON MANUAL.

  8. I was simply stating that if you want to have this conversation then feel welcome to start a new thread. jstang started this thread wanting to gain some knowledge about exhaust setups so that he can make an educated decision when it comes time to putting his on. He wasn't looking for opinions on how 2.3's suck and it's not worth putting the time into them, and that you should just get a v8. Sorry if you took it the wrong way freakintiger, I wasn't meaning any offence, just simply saying that if you want to have this conversation, maybe you should start a separate thread.
  9. I have ran a dual muffler and tailpipe setup on my car for a few years now. It sounds great and looks great. Yes, it was a little costly but worth it. I didn't notice any lose in power either. The sound is unique with dual 40 series Flows. If you have the money, go and get it done. You'll love the sound. :D

  10. Sounds kinda like a V6, doesn't it? Well, at certain RPM's anyway. On my '90 LX with a pacesetter header and dual flowmaster 40's, there's one little area of the RPM range (about 2200-2500) where it just sounds awesome. It's very throaty overall, til you get toward 3000 RPM and that's when it starts sounding like a four. Ah well, can't have everything.
  11. Yep, exactly right. It gets a real nice tone at about 1900-2100 RPM's. I think it's a cross between a V6 and somewhat a V8. It's louder than V8 with turbo mufflers and not quite as bassy as a V6 with Flows. It definatley changes exhaust tone with RPM's. Sometimes it will sound very throaty and sometimes it will just sound very hollow and quiet. Above 3K, the exhaust tone is overheard by the intake in my car so yeah, I guess above that it starts to sound kinda 4-ish. Overall, I like the sound.
  12. does cat= catalyic converter.. dont u have one of those by law?
  13. Yes, 2.3's came from factory with two cat converters. Depending on where you live, you may or may not need them for emissions testing.
  14. i live in california.. well whoever said go no cats 40 series and a y pipe.. how am i going to pass smog when it comes to that time..
  15. That was me that said that. I dont have any emissions testing up here where I live so that kinda slipped my mind. Yes, you are going to need a catback if you live in California.

  16. James, I'm not offended man; I just am messing around. When I'm not offering serious advice or typing what the Chilton manual says do, I'm just playing around. Noone on stangnet has made me mad, not even Cro, and he sure has tried.

    Jesus said:

    "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."

    -Matthew 5:9

    -That ones for you James! :nice:
  17. well i figure.. since i just got smogged 5/26/04 i wont need to be smogged again till 2006 so i can run with no cats for 2 years.. then put them back on when smog time comes.. so If i take off both cats and just get a 40 series with a Y pipe. that will sound the best?
  18. That'll in my opinion, give you the most flow and performance. It wont necessarily sound the best. I know Lex gutted his cats and left them in. I'd imagine that having a gutless cat(s) would give you a little more of a hum than straight exhaust. But yeah, the above setup should sound alright.
  19. i could say im not really worried about performance.. i just want the best sound.. so what would be my best choice for sound. :shrug:
  20. Dual mufflers.... :D