Flows for my 89 LX 2.3L

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  1. sorry to rag on you man, I like to tease the folks who don't like V8s for some reason. Ya the 2.3 is a fun motor to work on, I hope to get maybe 130-140 out of mine when it is back together. BUT no one should have any delusions as to the potential of these things...
  2. If you replace the whole exhaust, the simple answer is INSTALL A CATALYTIC CONVERTER. They are like $60 at summit or NAPA etc. and pose no restriction to the exhaust flow of a 2.3 (if you install 2-1/4" pipe). You never have to worry about emissions, as you are doing your part to keep the air clean.

    If you are just doing the flowmaster and tailpipes deal. That is the "catback" because it goes from the catalytic converter(s) back, in other words is AFTER the cats, so you really are worrying about nothing. Just disconnect the pipe by the driveshaft by removing 2 bolts, and unhook the tailpipe and muffler hangers, and the whole deal should slide out after you support the chassis and lower the rear axle. Then chop off the part that the bolts go in, and have a muffler shop weld it to the end of a 21 inch long, 2-1/4" OD (outside diameter) pipe. This will stick into the inlet of a 2-1/4" ID (inside dia) Flowmaster 42443 muffler, available from Summit about 60 bucks. Also cut off the muffler hanger and have that welded to the back middle of the muffler. Finally find a set of factory LX 5.0 tailpipes from somebody who doesn't need em, and add on a short peice of 2-1/4" OD elbow pipe or whatever you need to match the original tailpipe, but be able to insert it in the muffler. Install all that, and use two 2-1/4" exhaust clamps on the muffler inlet and outlet when you have it lined up as you like.

    That is how to replace the STOCK catback. It will sound awesome. To have duals, you will have to figure out for yourself a different setup where the muffler is far enough forward to permit a Y-pipe in front of the axle.
  3. well the guy at the muffler shop said i wont pass smog with one cat.. so if i take one off.. i might as well take both off right? and for the y pipe.. cant they just add regular ol long piece of pipe.. or will that mess of the sound?

  4. Well said Ray, I hope to do the same to mine and hopefully add some forged pistons so I can run a modest shot of nitrous...just to see what happens...but not until I get that C4... :D

    By the way I love V8s(I've owned 5 in the past 11 yrs), just can't afford one right now, seems though hopping up a 4 is do-able, so I'm going to max her out
  5. ok i took off a cat and slaped a flowmaster and chrome tip.. looks cool.. sounds better.