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  1. I have been looking around on the site to see if anyone has a write up on flush mounting windshield and rear glass on a mustang but I'm having no luck. Anyone have anything they can post? And to the guys who have done this, do you have anything negative to say about this mod?
  2. What is flush mounting windshield?
  3. do a search at pro-touring.com there are several guy who have done it over there, if not to an early mustang at least to an early camaro and the process would be pretty much the same for either car.
  4. From what I've heard the end result is very cool and subtle. Kind of thing that if done properly you might miss if you didn't know mustangs of at least classic cars. Also helps aerodynamics (can't imagine much as you'd have to be going very fast for it to make a difference) as the air doesn't get trapped.
    That said, it is apparently a real PITA to do and to get to look right.
    Let us know how you get on if you decide to do it as I am quite tempted myself.
  5. I hear that wind noise is reduced more than any aero benefit.
  6. We actually have a Flush Mount Glass kit coming out for the 64-70 Mustang fastbacks and coupes.. Hopefully they will be coming out in the late spring and we are currently taking names for a waiting list.. Below are some pictures of our 1st gen Camaro kits, the Mustang kits will have similar style..

    With these kits, there are NO Body Mods, so they will fit in completed cars and are completely reversible at anytime. Please feel free to contact me off of my website at anytime for questions.. We have some very notable builds that we are sponsoring, so there will be plenty of coverage coming up..

    The weatherstrip is completely optional on the rear glass, these glass kits put the actual windshield and rear glass at sheetmetal height.. The rear glass comes in smoked options along with clear, and also comes with a nice rounded edge that allows it to be installed with out weatherstrip. The windshields come with an intergrated antenna built in the tint band, so it is complete hidden from sight, and will allow the elimination of the fender mast antenna... There will also be a quarter glass option for the fastbacks that will work nicely with our rear glass.





    Robert Jackson
  7. Did you get the mustang kit out? I'm very interested for my car.

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  8. They are still working on it. The Camaro fits with no bodywork so it can be installed in a painted car. I was told the Mustang will require bodywork at the top where the roof meets the windshield post.
  9. I called my buddy who owns a local glass shop. He didn't want to say he couldn't do it, but we ended the conversation saying for him to look into it. I at the least want to get rid of the trim pieces. Does anyone know of a kit to flush mount, or install with no trim?
  10. Anything on a flush mounted windscreen yet?
  11. Isn`t the guy that showed the pick of the camaro up there the same guy that was getting alot of bad rep for not fulfilling orders last year? Had a few people wanting refunds, I do remember that.
  12. STAY AWAY from Mr. Jackson and his Classicautoglassinnovations.com!
    he's a crook that takes happily people's money as prepayment and then has a lot of excuses not to give it back.
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  13. One Peice Products is working on a flush set (front and rear). I have met Ben and the guy has been working with his manufacturer since late last year on this specifically. He has told me to be patient. I bought the vent window delete kit for my 68 coupe and can say I trust Ben. I live close to his shop and have seen what he works on and have gotten upgraded railways from him because tweeks were needed to the original design. He also makes suggestions for each install. I am waiting on a response on when we will see his new product. Ben also does custom work for other cars for anyone looking that doesn't have one of the described cars.

  14. I certainly hope Ben does a better job on the windshield and backglass, than he did on his one piece door glass for the 67-68 Mustang. I've yet to hear from one of our customers that they were happy with it. One of our customers said he has spent over 1500.00 in labor alone trying to make it work, and still it's happy with the out come.