Flywheel And Starter

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  1. OK interesting question I have found no info on. I have a 2000 GT that came with the 4.6w and the T5 tranny. Doing a motor swap to a 4.6R out of a crown vic. My questions are. They sent me a 11" flywheel when the car came with a 10.5. So we rolled with it and decided to try the 11" with a new clutch kit. My question is will this work? Will the starter actually turn the car over? And the reason I couldn't use the old 10.5 flywheel was it was an 8 bolt while the new motor is a 6 bolt. Please give me some advice here.
  2. You have a T45 not a T5. Romeo motor with a 6 bolt flywheel needs a 10.5" clutch. You can't use the 11" clutch.
    Flywheel is not 11", the dowels on it are drilled for a 10.5" clutch.
    So in short, T45 10 spline input shaft, 6 bolt flywheel for use with a 10.5" clutch kit.
    Hope this helps.
  3. But what if i buy an 11 clutch and flywheel to match. Can it work is my question
  4. Yes, it will work. Same diameter and number of teeth on flywheel.
    Why do you want to use an 11" clutch is my question.
    Aftermarket flywheel with provisions for both 10.5" and 11" is what you will find with a 6 bolt crank.
  5. It was what I had. TBH this is just a donor motor. The 4.6 W I pulled out is getting torn down and rebuilt for a hp application. So I just needed something to get the car running again.
  6. If you want to use a 10.5" clutch with a Romeo motor look for a flywheel from a 1996-1998 Mustang.

    If you want to use an 11" clutch with a Romeo motor look for a flywheel from a 2001+ Mustang.

    After market flywheels normally have holes for both size clutches.

    Remember that the number of bolt holes on the crank MUST match the number of holes in the flywheel (6 or 8).

    The 11" clutch does have more holding power than a 10.5". The 11" clutch is more expensive.

    Search for some sample prices and salvage yards that may be located near you.