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  1. I got a 04 mustang gt that I beleive I might have put some hot spots on over the weekend, My clutch is about due anyways so I was looking at getting an exedy stage 2 clutch, but my biggest draw back is if I can get away with resurfacing my flywheel and get rid of the chatter I have. I found this part on american muscle but I'm not sure how exactly it functions, Would it bolt on top of my existing flywheel or is? So if anyone could help me out here would be appreciated. Would like to get this stuff done before rod run weekend in daytona. Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, that is for someone who already has the SPEC flywheel and needs it to be replaced, so, you undo all of the rivets (bolts) and replace the friction plate on that. Either get your flywheel resurfaced or just get a nice Billet Steel flywheel if you're putting some power to the ground through some sort of power adder..
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  3. When you remove the flywheel, take a careful look at it. Mine definitely had hot spots and stress cracks. I too wanted to do a simple resurface to save money, but realized it wasn't worth it.

    If you have stress cracks, resurfacing the flywheel makes them non-visible (assuming they are surface deep), but the metal has already been compromised and if you were to magnaflux it, the cracks would likely still show.

    I just put a RAM billet steel flywheel on my car. No replaceable friction insert. It seems like that allows for easier warpage over a solid, 1 piece flywheel.
  4. Thanks for the input on the flywheel stuff guess I'll have to wait and see the condition of it before I make the choice of buying one.
  5. I have always had great luck with the SFI approved Ford racing flywheels. I stay away from flywheels with the inserts at all costs. Just my preference.
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  6. I feel the same way. Seems too easy for the insert to get hot and warp.