FMIC for 85 SVO advice wanted

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  1. Hi,
    I heard that a Volvo front mount intercooler (year/model unknown) can be a bolt in upgrade (custom piping understood) for an SVO. Anyone have a suggestion or other type of inercooler they've had impressive results with?
  2. Isuzu NPR intercooler is the only other non-aftermarket IC that fits well and has tubing available for Mustangs. Otherwise, there are FMIC kits available specifically for 2.3T Mustangs. Clicking on the link in my sig would point you to an FMIC kit for the SVO.
  3. I got a volvo setup if you need just sitting around .I would sell for cheap comes with a rad.
  4. my buddy just piced up a crosworth(sp?) inter cooler for our rs turbo capri . fits nice ill try to post pics.
  5. warwicken, is that one of those cosworth radiator/intercooler combo's off ebay?
    how does he like it? what sort of boost is he running, and what are his intake temps before and after cooler? has he checked, even? :D
  6. its just a intercooler. whats the deal with the smiley face? some thing i dont know about them. is there some thing you guys dont like about ebay fmic? iam also a member at and a few other car clubs and they don't have any probelm's with ebay inter coolers.

    we both own the car, he got it off a guy at his work who is a drag racer so i know its a legit intercooler.
  7. The volvo cooler is a great/cheap start and will let you run 20-couple psi and make around 300hp before its an issue. If you have big plans later on I would say pickup an npr on ebay. IF you just want to max out all the stock stuff and stay cheap grab a volvo cooler.

    The downside is that they are a plastic capped cooler so when the boost gets upped a bunch you run a risk of blowing it I did. I'm currently running the small npr with Stinger's tubing and its amazing.
  8. off what does the NPR intercooler come off of any suggestions on were to find one at?
  9. The "NPR" i the model of an isuzu box truck. There are two NPRs a big and a small. The small npr is one my street car and the big npr is on my drag racer. Keep your eyes out and you'll fnd a deal.
  10. no idea what the smiley was for. i was thinking about getting the rad/intercooler combo myself.
  11. whats this rad inter cool combo you speak of any links ect.