Fml ....doors Are Jacked

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  1. Drivers side key cylinder took a dump a few weeks back. Today the passenger door handle snapped on the rod linkage part. Good news is the car is unlocked on the drivers side and i can still open it and drive it. Guess I'll do a key cylinder door handle how to write up soon :rlaugh:
  2. Sounds like a call to LMR is in order...
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  3. @[email protected] pm me a code!!! I need that passenger door working for some chics :D
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  4. It wont let me. I tried and it keeps telling me
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    Start a conversation with me and ill get you all taken care of.
  5. been there done that. the fix isnt that hard. at one point I was able to have the local parts store get metal handles instead of the plastic ones. I havent looked at the LMR site for them but if they offer a metal unit its worth whatever they are charging over the plastic. True story.