1. So...I went to have my emissions inspection done here in SLC and failed. Apparently they have new standards here that require a car to have equipment equivalent to what it had from the factory and the computer MUST monitor all emissions systems. My car failed for the following reasons:

    1. I have a Magnaflow catted x-pipe which has two cats, but my car came factory with 6. =FAIL
    2. Apparently when Modular Depot tuned my car, they programmed the computer to bypass the EGR and catalytic systems, ignoring them completely. =FAIL

    Now the tuning shop here is quoting my 1,500-2,000 to make this car emissions legal.

    FML :(
  2. I had to get collector plates in order to bypass emissions
  3. You can do that on a 2004???? How? Can I still drive it every day if it has collector plates? Because I totally will.
  4. he mustve thought you had a fox
  5. No... I have an 04 with collector plates. I had to send the great state of Ohio copies of all the receipts and pics of the car along with the application for the collector plates. They had a minimum of 5k spent on upgrades. I sent them about 12k worth of receipts for the blower exhaust cams wheels clutch shifter etc. It took about 3 weeks to get approved. Now I don't have to worry about e-check anymore. Check with your states DMV to see if they have a similar program.
  6. And yes I can drive unlimited miles
  7. thats interesting that they allow that on a 9 year old car. Do you get any type of reconstucted title as some states do ?
  8. I've got classic plates here in PA. Pretty much the same process as you described, but the car needed o be 15 years old
  9. That's awesome. I could try that. The problem is during all my military moves I've lost the receipts for most of my mods. I might be able to pull up credit card statements though. If not, I've found a way that's a little cheaper. This shop is charging me so much because they are charging me for this http://www.magnaflow.com/02catalyti...rectfit01.asp?catalogid=14486&directfit=93348 which is going for over $900, as well as making me pay for a handheld tuner...which is odd and a little fishy to me because they have a dyno. Why do I need to pay a tuner shop for an SCT tuner? So, I figure I can buy an SCT tuner from americanmuscle, tune it myself, then buy the 4 extra cats from magnaflow and have an exhaust shop weld them into my catted x. That should cost me under $1,000, which is still crazy just to pass emissions, but better than 1500-2000. Right now I really wish I hadn't sold my stock mid pipe. I swear SLC is trying too hard to be CA....
  10. Dude, find another shop
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  11. Oh I am. For that price, this shop isn't even including the KY Jelly.
  12. So I found out today that SLC will give me a one-year waiver as long as I spend at least $450 in emissions corrections. So, since I need the car tuned for the elevation change anyway, I'll tune it this year and have it set to monitor all the hippie systems and then that will give me a year to track down a stock h-pipe. That's just gonna have to work for now I guess. Anyone know where I can find a stock h-pipe? I've scoured craigslist in nearby areas and areas where any family/friends live and can't find one.
  13. Nope. The car was still being paid off when I got the plates. The registration isn't really any different either. It cost 5 or 10 dollars extra a year but there is no mileage limitation. The stipulation is that it cannot be your daily driver. I had to send them the info for my winter beater at the time and the last time I updated it, I used the wife's car (it's in my name). It's not a special title. Just a different plate program. It was 8 yrs old when I got the plates.
  14. What/where is SLC?
  15. Salt Lake City, UT