Fng From S.jersey Area.

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  1. my name is joe and i'm from the south jersey area. been in to mopars for a long time but it was time to buy another mustang rag top.

    a few weeks ago i picked up a 87 lx ragtop. automatic car with a 2.73 gear. clean original paint car. car runs very nice and is very tight. loving it already.

    basic plans for it are to keep it a mild family cruiser. my 3 year old loves it. she has to help put the top up and down and loves the wind in her hair. after i finish going over the brakes and all to make sure its going to be safe i'm going to put some kind of cat back system on it.. the set up on it now is bent and mis matched so i want something nice on it. haven't decided what the heck i want. i know i don't want it loud and obnoxious but a little louder then stock would be nice too. then maybe a set of wheels. i like the stock wheels but really always liked the pony wheels.. not sure what to go with though grey, chrome or white. i was also thinking maybe some gear to give it a little more pep but not sure i really want to do that now. figured a 3.55 may be a good compromise but who knows.. for now i'm just going to enjoy cruising it this summer..

    here are a few pictures of it..






    also had a 90 years ago that was a lot of fun. kinda missed it and got the bug for another one so i bought this 87. :)

    a pictire of my old 90.

  2. I don't think I've seen one in that color before.
  3. Welcome to the forum. :)

    Speaking of Mopars, I traded in a 2007 Dodge Charger, V6/AWD on this car. Have you ever done any track days at NJMP? I've been there 3 times, lotsa fun! Of course, you wouldn't be doing track days in a 'vert, but other cars?
  4. thanks for the welcome guys.

    you know i have never been to the millville track. its not like its far either. i did want to get my dart there but its coming apart now so that isn't going to happen. it does look like fun though..

    pics of the dart. it has coil overs at all four corners, r&p steering and a triangulated 4 link out back.

  5. i didn't know it at the time i bought it but its supposed to be a pretty rare color for 87. its called sand beige. heck i just thought it was pale yellow.

    one of the forums (could have been this one but i don't remember) had a break down that said out of the v-8 LX convertibles made in 87 that only 36 were this color. is it true? i have no idea. but when i first saw the pictures i didn't really remember the color either, but really liked it with the white top and int.
  6. welcome to SN, not my taste of color, but heck not bad, oh and btw your pics of the dart didn't load....I almost bought one a few years back, I believe it was a dart, dodge dart demon sound familiar?
  7. the dart picture didn't load? weird...for some reason i can see it. its a photobucket link.. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i109/abodyjoe/71 dart/DSC_0019.jpg

    yes demon was the doge version of the duster. looked a lot better though. i had a 72 demon that i put a 4440 in years ago. it was around for 71-72 then they changed the name to dart sport in 73 because religious groups complained about the demon name.
  8. They probably only made a few of that color because there werent a lot of fans. I think you could make it pop with the right pin-stripping though. Preserve the rarity of being a low numbered production color.

    A black or tan top might help too.