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  1. whats up! signed up cause I had some questions, figured I'd introduce myself first
    my name's Tanus........ and I like to party, Im from AZ the perfect state for street racing since every road is perfectly straight and flat, and stoplights every 1/2 mile.

    had "old betsy" since high school (2000). built it up between 00-02, drove the piss outta it till 04, got a bike and parked it.

    sat for almost 6 years, pulled it out and got it going again like 2 weeks ago

    short list of mods;
    Holley heads & intake
    full drag suspention

    ran consistant (back in 04), 12.2s at 110 w/ 1.6 60ft.

    some pics-


  2. :welcome: to :SNSign:

    We don't allow discussion, on street racing here. :)
  3. Welcome. :D
  4. cool, ixna street racina
  5. Engine degreaser ;) Welcome to Stangnet and hope you stick around :nice:

    I'm sure there have been quite a few changes in the market since you were last into some mods. Best of luck with the car :nice:
  6. Nice LX....welcome to the board. :)

    ....and as tempting as it might be, keep a lid on the street racing stories. We don't exactly permit that kind of thing here. ;)