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  1. hello all,

    i've always been a fan of the old stags 65-71 and i like the new 05+ models. however, the model im buying has no round fog lams like the old school ones do. are there any parts out there i can order to achieve the in the grile fog lamp look? if so, where can i get them?
  2. Check ebay. There are several companies selling there (Blue Oval Industries, etc...) that offer bolt in Ford OEM Pony Package grill conversions (with the fog lights and wiring) and also other companies that sell GT grills with the big fog lights modified to fit a V6 front end.
  3. I have one of the kits from Ebay. It has genuine Ford parts and all instructions. It works great.
  4. How does the switch for the fogs look? Is it just like the factory GT setup or is it some cheesy toggle switch you have to mount under the dash?

  5. Nobody has upgraded to a GT style grill & fogs?

  6. You can get a brand new Ford switch with the kit which includes the controls for the fog light or you can get a small toggle and drill a small hole in your existing switch panel. That's what I did. It costs much less and it looks and works just fine.
  7. actually, most of us have just upgraded to a GT headlight/fog-light switch.

    and in, fact many of the kits even include them.
  8. Links please! I'm looking at upgrading my sons '05 with a GT style grill with fog lights. I'd like to find a complete kit that is plug-n-play if possible.


  10. I must be blind. I looked all through that website and could not find a GT grill/fog light setup for the '05 V6 Mustang. :shrug:


  11. I sell him the parts to make the kits, so I know its in there.

    go to the left side menu apperanace exterior... then click lighting and look for the 2005 up fog lamp kits, also mention my name, it may get you a discount:D

    I know it says "comming soon" but give him a shout, Justin should have the kits aval by now
  12. The kit I am talking about includes the grill, lights, wiring and your choice of switches. All instructions are also included. It's about as plug and play as you can get. The price varies depending on which switch you want.
  13. It's not there, go check for yourself. As far as exterior accessories for the 2005 Mustang, all he offers are the following 2 items:

    2005+ Tail light Trim / Bezel Set
    2005+ Mustang Honeycomb Taillight Panel

    However he does have a small blurb that states: 2005+ GT fog light kits for V6 4.0L's Coming Soon.


  14. Has anyone installed the "GT" style kits on their V6s? (I have the Pony Package now but am looking to change). The Blue Oval Industries kit looks interesting. Any comments?
  15. Do a search on ebay for 2005 fog light kits. The kit I have came from t2auctions.
    They were great to work with. I would highly recommend them.
  16. Yes. But you can get the GT lights, which I like much better, for less.
  17. well street scene makes the gt style in regular and center light for the v6ers

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  18. I considered that. You will still have to come up with the lamps, wiring and switch.
    The GT kit was cheaper and that's why I went with it.